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Best Under Eye Makeup

best under eye makeup
  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance
  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament
  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed
  • an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event; "he missed the test and had to take a makeup"; "the two teams played a makeup one week later"
  • The composition or constitution of something
  • cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
  • good discernment (either visually or as if visually); "she has an eye for fresh talent"; "he has an artist's eye"
  • Look at or watch closely or with interest
  • look at
  • the organ of sight
best under eye makeup - Under EyeBryten
Under EyeBryten Severe Dark Circles and Under-Eye Puffiness Formula, 1 oz (30 ml)
Under EyeBryten Severe Dark Circles and Under-Eye Puffiness Formula, 1 oz (30 ml)
A breakthrough formula combining cutting edge peptides and extracts with Hyloxyl and Eyeliss. Designed specifically to help diminish dark circles and under-eye puffiness. Enhanced with Green Tea Extract, Aloe and Pro-Vitamin B5. If you have severe, recurring dark circles and/or chronic under-eye puffiness, Under EyeBryten's unique formula will deliver the results you've been searching for. You will begin to see a reduction in the appearance of dark circles and puffiness within 2 weeks of first application. Optimum results usually occur in one month. Once desired results are achieved, continued use will help maintain a more natural and healthy under-eye appearance. Results will vary based on skin type and condition.

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Self, July 2011
Self, July 2011
This is me right now. (Well I took it last night) but I mean as a whole. I haven't taken any self portraits in a while and I felt it was due...a lot has changed in my life in the past few months - I sat all my exams, I 'graduated' from high school (therefore left school), had interviews for college (to study Photography in the best school for it in Scotland however the course is currently full and I'm on the waiting list), got into a relationship with an amazing girl, then we broke up, my papa who has Alzheimers amongst other things got put into a full-time Nursing Home as my gran had a breakdown over the stress of caring for him and he's getting really quite bad now. So, a lot has gone on and i think it's all just taking it's toll on me right now. My camera broke at prom after it was accidentally dropped, however it was actually just the lens that broke so that isn't as bad. I can't afford to replace it just now but I'm just using my dad's standard lens at the moment because he barely uses it. Because of this I haven't really taken photos in the past month and a half but I'm trying to get my act together now that I have a working lens. The ISO was set ridiculously high for this photo (accidentally) hence the grain and overall low quality photograph. Anyway, this is me, Linzi, and this is how I'm feeling. I wanted an honest photo, a real self-portrait, with no pre-production of applying makeup and making my hair look nice. I have no makeup on, severe bags under my eyes, greasy hair up in a ponytail and I was wearing the shirt I wore to bed - had been awake for 7/8 hours and still hadn't showered. Disgusting, yes, but I guess that's what human beings are. At least it's honest, and that's what I wanted out of this photo - an honest self portrait with no pre-production portraying how I'm feeling just now. Prestwick, July 2011.
Day # 49 (07/14/2008) Undoing The Joker
Day # 49 (07/14/2008) Undoing The Joker
I watched The Dark Knight and enjoyed it. On the way home, a brilliant idea hit me. I was going to transform myself into The Joker for my 365 days photo. It would achieve two things: 1. Pay tribute to Heath Ledger and his character. 2. Prove that I can do more than just take photos of random objects in my hands for 365. Never mind that Heath needed a prosthetics team to transform him into the super-villain. It would be easy enough, I thought. All I needed were my mother's powder, her old lipstick and some mascara. I attacked my face with makeup and soon looked monstrous. But I didn't feel like The Joker. I thought I looked more like a member of Kiss. I took photo after photo and none of them seemed right. Heath Ledger's ghost is probably ready to kick my ass right about now, I kept thinking. I soon gave up and started removing the makeup. It wasn't easy. I used the killer combination of soap, water and Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil (which countless people have declared as the best makeup remover in the world) but they didn't work as well as I wanted. Soon, my face was red and my skin felt raw. Removing the mascara has been the hardest part. So yeah, my brilliant idea wasn't entirely a success but it was fun anyway. If you run into me tomorrow and see the dark circles under my eyes, I'm not trying to look cool, oh no. The Joker just wouldn't come off.

best under eye makeup
best under eye makeup
Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer For Eyes, SPF 20, Fair 05, 0.37 Ounce
3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes instantly hides dark circles, reduces the look of puffiness and fine lines and helps protect the sensitive eye area with SPF 20. This multi-tasking concealer instantly camouflages dark circles, reduces the appearance of puffiness and fine lines and protects with non-irritating SPF 20--all in one easy step. The ultra-blendable, skin-conditioning formula provides natural-looking coverage, won't settle into fine lines and is safe for contact-lens wearers.* Suitable for contact lens wearers* SPF 20* Available in 4 shades