Challenge Entries

1.  "Smoked Fish"
by Justin Vannieuwenhoven

2.  "Official Badger Bag Toss" by Kelly Johnson

3.  "Centrifuge" by Paloma Trygar

4.  "A Sort Story: Desk Organizer" by Malissa Roberts

5.  "The Beverage Sidetable" by Sean Kelly and Nick Welker

6.  "2 Quick Shoe Stick" by Brett DuCharme, Jacob Maline, Sam Gagliardi, John Gagliardi, Sam Rosiejka, Tanner Owens, & Ryan DeCamp

7.  "The Picnic Pack-It" by Parker Sear, Adam Ruechel, & Dan Uhler

8.  "Pour All" by John Urbaitis

9.  "Fractional Distiller" by Yifan Li

10. "The Chemistry Clock" by Celia Bisbach

11. "Shoedangle" by Jordan Gates

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Voting takes place over a 48-Hour period from Tuesday, March 11th at 4:30pm to Thursday, March 14th at 4:30pm.  Visit our Facebook page to vote:

Other prizes being decided offline by panels of judges include: Most Potential Revenue Value, Most Potential Social Value and Most Creative.  All winners receive $300 cash prizes!

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