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Project 02: Web Interface Video Player
Project 02: Web Interface Video Player
My advanced students have a project in lab that involves making three graphics for a website: a power meter (for a flash game of sorts), a masthead, and a video player. They don't have to make them all follow a similar theme or style, but I like it when they do. Here's my examples. This one is the video player.

I really enjoy a sort of mixed media process with projects like these. I used several Halloween costume sites and well as French art posters and old movie star photos to get the dancer. I drew her in Illustrator. The wallpaper is a pattern I also created in Illustrator borrowing from designs I found on different Henna sites. I also created the hearts, stars, and rays in Illustrator with the Pen Tool. The textures and shading were all done in Photoshop. The textures were taken from several images found on a texture site. Several textures were used, with blending modes and layer adjustments (curves, channel mixer, and hue/saturation.) The designs on the sides, backs of the chairs, and the center of the heart were also created in Illustrator based on Henna designs. I Live Traced the moon from an actual photograph and changes the colors with gradients in Illustrator. The light posts were also Live traced from photographs. The girls swinging from the ceiling were Live Traced from a royalty free clip art book I have, they were part of a complicated drawing originally and I had to go in and cut them out as well as do some surgery on recreating one of the feet because I didn't like how it looked in the original drawing. The hands pointing (video controls) were also used from a different royalty free clip art book. The lace was created from some scanned lace I found online. The place holder or the screen area is a screen shot from an old silent film. I'm not sure which, if anyone recognizes it, please let me know. Lastly, the opacity was adjusted. I created the surrounding vinette by created a fetahered edge mask in Photoshop that had a flat black color. The opacity level on this was adjusted as well. Enjoy!
Mixer Digital Summit
Mixer Digital Summit
O Mixer Summit da Phonic e um Mixer Digital avancado com a usabilidade de um console analogico. O Phonic Summit e um mixer com 16 canais de entrada, com um conjunto de entradas XLR e de 1/4" por canal. A unidade possui diversas possibilidades atraves das saidas de 1/4", e saidas de control room e main XLR. Mas este mixer oferece muito mais que meras saidas e entradas! O Summit substitui o valor de um estudio inteiro em um pequeno e compacto sistema. Delay, EQ, processadores de dinamica sao encontrados em todas as saidas e entradas, dispensando a necessidade de utilizar processadores externos. Saidas Digitais AES/EBU estao inclusas e permitem expandir o escopo do seu sistema conectando-as em consoles digitais externos. O Mixer Digital Phonic nao e um dispositivo simplorio, mas sim poderoso o suficiente para atender multiplas aplicacoes como um mixer para som ao vivo, um mixer de monitoracao in ear no palco ou para producao profissional e gravacoes em estudio.

free online photo mixer