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Hummingbird Wall Decor

hummingbird wall decor
  • tiny American bird having brilliant iridescent plumage and long slender bills; wings are specialized for vibrating flight
  • A small nectar-feeding tropical American bird that is able to hover and fly backward, typically having colorful iridescent plumage
  • Hummingbirds are birds comprising the family Trochilidae. They are among the smallest of birds, and include the smallest extant bird species, the Bee Hummingbirds. They can hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings 12–90 times per second (depending on the species).
  • This page lists the albums recorded by the rock band Hummingbird, which was formed by Bobby Tench and included other former members of The Jeff Beck Group. All three albums were produced by Ian Samwell.
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hummingbird wall decor - Starry Night
Starry Night Wall Decor Art: Hummingbird Wall Sculpture by The Bradford Exchange
Starry Night Wall Decor Art: Hummingbird Wall Sculpture by The Bradford Exchange
Swirling clouds, shining stars and a bright crescent moon - it is one of the most recognizable paintings in the world. It has inspired artists and even songwriters. Now, let Vincent van Gogh's painting, " Starry Night" inspire you as it comes alive in a new way on this beautiful Heirloom Porcelain hummingbird sculpture. Outstretched wings serve as the canvas for a faithful recreation of the famed Vincent van Gogh artwork.This limited-edition wall decor is exclusively from The Bradford Exchange and features a hummingbird crafted with low-relief detailing to replicate the natural layering of bird feathers. The bird is hand-painted in vibrant jewel tones to complement the art, and features a shimmering iridescence for extra luster. The hummingbird's slender beak shimmers with genuine platinum. This sculpture will make a stunning statement in any room of your home. Strong demand is expected, so order now!

Graceful sculpture features a faithful recreation of beloved Vincent van Gogh artwork on the hummingbird's outstretched wings
Hummingbird is hand-painted in vibrant jewel tones to complement the art, and features a shimmering iridescence for extra luster
The hummingbird's slender beak shimmers with genuine platinum
Hanging device included so you can display the sculpture immediately
Premiere issue in the Flight of the Masters Wall Decor Collection

88% (6)
Hummingbird Bliss
Hummingbird Bliss
Made with counted cross stitch, 14 count ivory Aida, this picture are beautiful on a table lamp or hanging on a wall. Frame measure 8 X 10 with precut printed mat 4 X 6 opening, and cover with glass so the work are protect for years to came.
Here is a cute little hummingbird with a tulip flower. It can be made facing left or right ( the one shown is facing left)and measures 12?" wide by 20" tall.

hummingbird wall decor