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Console Table Decorating Ideas

console table decorating ideas
    table decorating
  • (table decoration) Any of many diverse articles placed on a dining table principally as ornament though some may have a secondary function
  • A panel or unit accommodating a set of controls for electronic or mechanical equipment
  • A cabinet for television or radio equipment
  • The cabinet or enclosure containing the keyboards, stops, pedals, etc., of an organ
  • a scientific instrument consisting of displays and an input device that an operator can use to monitor and control a system (especially a computer system)
  • console table: a small table fixed to a wall or designed to stand against a wall
  • comfort: give moral or emotional strength to
  • A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action
  • A concept or mental impression
  • An opinion or belief
  • (idea) a personal view; "he has an idea that we don't like him"
  • (idea) the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about; "it was not a good idea"; "the thought never entered my mind"
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console table decorating ideas - Wallmonkeys Peel
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Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Graphic - Mixing Console - 24"W x 16"H
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i'm givin' up i know everything sucks (365-126)
i'm givin' up i know everything sucks (365-126)
Day 126 of 365: a year in songs and photos Song: Reel Big Fish, Everything Sucks I am in a MOOD. Work is about to have me tear my hair out. My stress level is at Defcon 5. My house is still in disarray and it's driving me crazy. I'm tired, I'm worn out and I just want to get into bed for 10 days with the covers over my head. I went food shopping on the way home and saw these pre-cut cookies and thought, hey - I'll bake some cookies and the house will smell nice and we'll have cookies and milk while we watch the hockey game tonight and look at the cute little bunnies! I've said before that I can't bake. But I figured, who could fuck these things up? They're practically made for you. Well, I can. I got distracted by a mess the dog made and left the cookies in the oven too long and they came out feeling like cardboard and looking rather gray. Like depressed Easter Bunnies. I can't go to bed for ten days, but I can make a cup of tea and wait for Todd to get home from ANOTHER night of overtime and console myself by cuddling up on the couch and watching (hopefully) the Islanders beat the Rangers. Oh yea, I've got a story about cookies. Don't I have a story for everything? I can't bake. I can cook. I can cook a gourmet meal for my entire family at a moment's notice. Just whip something up right from my imagination and turn out a kick ass meal. But put some flour and baking shit in front of me and I'll freeze on the spot. Baking leaves me frustrated, angry and stabby. So generally, I don't do it. Yet one December night a few years ago I found myself standing in my kitchen, elbow deep in flour and frosting? Why? I blame my sister. I work with my sister. She's this social butterfly, someone who lives to socialize and mingle. She's the one who organizes the office birthday breakfasts and holiday luncheons and any of those get togethers I try to avoid. I'm not what you call social. While everyone else is chatting and eating and whatnot, I prefer to sit alone in my office and mutter under my breath about everyone else. But because she's my sister, sometimes I have to partake in these things she organizes. Because I'm a good sister like that. About five years ago, it came time for the annual cookie trade-off lunch. This is where all the secretaries (one of which I used to be) get together for a holiday lunch, and bring a dozen home-baked cookies for each person attending. This was my fourth Christmas in this office building and I had avoided the cookie exchange every year until then. But my sister would have none of that this year. She just went ahead and signed me up for this thing without asking. Why? Because she is a sadist. I must have done something to her in our childhood that she wanted to get back at me for. Maybe she was getting even for the time I allegedly threw her down the cement basement stairs. Allegedly. I suppose I could have e-mailed the head cookie cutter and bailed out on the exchange, but I figured what the heck. Maybe if I did it this one year, they would leave me alone for the next three. And it was one less thing my sister could bring up at a later date. So I found myself in my kitchen staring down a recipe and a mess of ingredients. Just staring. Looking at the butter and sugar and vanilla and flour. I felt overwhelmed. There was no way I could do this. I looked at the picture on the recipe card. There was no way my cookies would ever come out looking like that. I'd show up for this thing and put my cookies on the table and all the other women would point and laugh at me. They were all Martha Stewarts. I was more Martha....Quinn. I'd be laughed at and branded a failure and probably end up with an office nickname like Cookie Monster. I cried in self pity for about ten minutes before I pulled myself together. I had options here. Well, one option. Cheat. And there were different ways to cheat. First degree cheating: 1. Go to bakery. 2 Buy fresh made, gorgeous, incredibly delicious cookies. 3. Put them on throw-away Christmas plate, wrap in something festive. 4. Pretend like you slaved over a hot oven all night making them. Second degree cheating: 1. Buy the Pillsbury frozen cookie mix stuff. 2. Follow directions on package. 3. Put them on throw-away Christmas plate, wrap in something festive. 4. Pretend like you slaved over a hot oven all night making them. I opted for second degree cheating, sugar cookie style. Hell of a lot cheaper than choice A. Have I mentioned I suck at baking? Even when most of the process is taken out of my hands? First, I followed the directions carefully. One rounded teaspoon of dough per cookie. Well, I did that and the cookies were the size of a baby's toenail. 6 cookies wasted. Fresh batch. I made them a little bigger; somewhere between a tablespoon and a scoop. This time they weren't rounded enough and came out looking like lumps of brown coal. Fresh batch. I decided to throw some flour into the mix and roll out the d
Lounge room - DIY Coffee table
Lounge room - DIY Coffee table
I needed a coffee table which was mobile, but with lockable castors to fit alongside my lounge when it wasn't needed (it fits into a corner to clear space for the 'dance floor' for the kids!). So I built one... in between baby sleeping times! it has storage in both sides and is hand painted with a huge Camelia flower on top. This is our most used piece of furniture as it doubles as a dining table at breakfast time and on pizza nights!

console table decorating ideas
console table decorating ideas
Amaco #5 Decorating , Sculpture Banding Wheel Turntable
This high quality aluminum wheel features a smooth rolling ball bearing in the shaft so you can effortlessly turn your ceramic, clay (or other art) piece while painting it without having to touch it. It is also great for making lines (banding) around pieces and for sculpting or cake decorating. The base has three holes to secure to a table (if desired) and is tall enough to get your hand underneath to rotate it at the shaft while you paint. Also features concentric centering circles on the top to line your work up correctly.