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Christmas Decorations For Kids To Make

christmas decorations for kids to make
    christmas decorations
  • A Christmas decoration is any of several types of decorations used at Christmastime. The traditional colours of Christmas are pine green (evergreen), snow white, and heart red. Blue and white are often used to represent winter, or sometimes Hanukkah, which occurs around the same time.
    for kids
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Creations by You Plateworks Design Your Own Plate
Creations by You Plateworks Design Your Own Plate
Make your own special 10" break-resistant, dishwasher-safe melamine plate that will last a lifetime! Special drawing pages and a set of washable markers are included in the kit to make your creations. Or simply send in a favorite photograph (optional). You can have your name or a special message typeset around the rim for no extra charge, or choose to have your artwork or photo cover the entire plate. Then send in your design pages in the pre-paid envelope provided and in a just five weeks, you'll receive back your unique, one-of-a kind creation. The images, whether photographs, drawings or a combination, are molded right into the plate and can be used everyday without fear of fading or chipping.
Plate Works now offers an Internet production option that includes online drawing tools, backgrounds and stickers, photograph downloading capability and a choice of font styles and colors at no extra cost.
Extra plates, melamine bowls and plastic and ceramic mugs are optional and all make terrific gifts for any occasion.

Make a gift Grandma won't forget! With this activity kit, you create your own artwork, then you send it to Chimeric, which transfers the art onto a 10-inch plate, an 8-inch bowl, or a 12-ounce mug. The set includes five sheets of special drawing paper and markers. You can create your work of art with the materials provided or you can use other art materials. You can also use a photograph and decorate it. When your artwork is completed, send it to the manufacturer in the provided postpaid envelope. Your project will be returned to you in five to seven weeks as a decorated plate, bowl, or mug (you get to choose). Extra matching items (all durable and dishwasher safe) are available from the manufacturer in any combination. Shipping and handling costs are not included. --S.J. Kurtz

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I was trying to bust out a Matrix throw my body around action energy dodge a few bullets effect for this pict. After further review, I just look like a fucking dork who looks like he just woke up and
I was trying to bust out a Matrix throw my body around action energy dodge a few bullets effect for this pict. After further review, I just look like a fucking dork who looks like he just woke up and
P • 45 •T?e ??м? c?г???cles• 11 • 29 • 2010 See that tornado in the background. That’s Christmas. Yeah, like everything that tornado can do Christmas can do too. Sorta. OK this isn’t going to be another one of those “Christmas Sucks” rants with me whining about how it drives the economy and all that horseshit. Christmas is what you make it. Yet another Christmas is arriving people. But here’s the funny thing about Christmas, no matter where you go, who you see, or what you do, your totally immersed in this Christmas madness whether you celebrate it or not. it is FORCED on you. The songs The family gatherings The lights The trees The decorations The parties By today, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving, the whole fucking entourage of crazy Christmas will mostly be in every establishment you walk into. All forms of advertisements we are surrounded by will have entirely switched over to to their Christmas theme. The malls and stores will be packed everyday leading up to December 24th. This shit will be stuffed up our ass for the next month. It’s like the entire country does a pop culture transformation for this shit. See, I am a father and I have a tiny family. Well there’s just two of us. But that constitutes a family in my book. I was raised Christian but hardly am one these days. As a matter of fact I will just go on the record right now and say I’m not Christian anymore. Because I’m not. The word Jesus has been bastardized so much that the mere mention of the name is a fucking joke to me. Organized religion isn’t for me at all in any capacity, Christianity included. So tell me why I have a closet full of Christmas shit that I took out today? Why do I buy a Christmas tree every year? Why do I decorate my house, play that tired out music, and buy presents for people. But what I need to know most of all is how I got suckered into pretending to be an imaginary fat man from the North Pole who brings countless presents for my daughter in the middle of the night every single year on December 24th? Actually I kinda like this whole massive toy parade once a year for her. It's just the fact that I don't have a choice in the matter that irks me. Plus I wish it was my idea and not a religious tradition I'm blindly following. My daughter mentioned the “true meaning of Christmas” today. I guess some asshole gave her that bullshit rhetoric at some point recently when she was getting excited about Santa Claus. And it dawned upon me that I couldn’t give a flying fuck about any of what Christmas means. At all. And I told her that too, in a nice way. I am like many people these days and just celebrate this shit because you kinda have to. If you have a kid and you don’t choose to get involved in this whole Christmas spectacle for any other reason but being part of another religion? Well then you must be a real cutthroat diehard extremist neo-Nazi fucktard. You're just a spoil sport. Just play along for the hell of it like I do you asshole! I mean yeah there are all sorts of bullshit gimmicks we are all conned into spending our money on. You know like all the other the other “holidays” (V-day, Halloween, Fathers Day, etc) during the year. Or casually spending 5 dollars on a fucking cup of coffee. Or us all feeling the need to own a car to just persevere in this society. And especially those silly ass overpriced ATM service charges we just pay. Talk about a profit margin banks get on those for a simple electronic transaction. We are bombarded by all these money laundering schemes throughout our life everywhere we look. Right? Then there's Christmas. Shit. It is by and far the grand daddy of suck-ya-in spend-all-yer-money mega super black hole take-it-all gimmicks ever conjured up. And I just admitted I willingly go along with it. At least I'm aware I'm getting fucked in the ass? My favorite part about the whole deal though is that it doesn’t matter one bit if you are Christian. You get sucked into Christmas regardless! On that note, you might as well make it a positive thing. I hate those super anti-Christmas negative depressing ass people. I mean I’m not looking forward to having to do this Christmas dance again this year nor am I playing Bing Crosby in place of real music this month either. But I try to just make the best of it until it passes. I mean look at what I get to do every year: spoil my kid with what is to her the best time of the year! Toys toys toys!! But the older she gets, the more convoluted you must get about the whole Santa deal. It gets more tricky every single year. Oh Christmas how I love you bestowing your madness unto me again for another year. Yet again I get to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars I don't have on toys my kid doesn't need. And then I get to lie to my kid and tell her the toys were brought from an Elf factory during the middle of the night by a fat guy who lives at the North Pole. All this hard
In the Middle
In the Middle
The Tanglin Mall in Singapore has a huge play area with fake snow made of bubbles for the kids to play in. They have fake snow falls and avalanches every 15 minutes. The kids have a blast. Makes you wonder what it would be like if the snow was real! I was soaking wet in the middle of this bubble explosion. Not to mention its like 84 degrees out at this point.

christmas decorations for kids to make