100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston's Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program is designed to guide youth in life experiences that help them develop a positive self-perception and self-respect, establish and pursue life-long goals, promote healthy personal relationships and encourage excellence in education.

Mentees are exposed to topics such as financial literacy, goal setting, college preparation, Black history and presentation skills. Our young men get involved in community service and have taken field trips to the space center and the municipal courts.  We like to end the year with an enriching camping trip experience.

Mentors in our program consist of a very diverse group of men from numerous business, community, educational and civic sectors in the Houston area. We are committed to the intellectual development of youth and the economic empowerment of the African-American community.

What's the Best About Our Program?

Our mentoring program is about real men giving real time to uplift youth in our community.  We work with a talented group of young men with unlimited potential and it's our challenge to give them the tools to reach that potential and become assets to our society.  We take this challenge very seriously.  Come join us in our journey.