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There are various methods and ways to make money or extra income. Sometimes we don't know about it because lack of information. This website is intended to reveal almost all the methods available in the world to make money. You can study and digest the information. Check on the suitability of each business. Does them fit your personality and capability?

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Turning A Hobby Into A Business

Affiliate Eric Burdo is turning a hobby into a little business. To do so, he has conquered two problems - he found few suitable affiliate programs or suitable AdSense ads in his chosen niche. Here's how he did it...

By Eric D. Burdo

Depending on your market, you can write a guide for a service or product, and then sell that guide.

I play an online game called OGame. I started over a year ago, when the game was new to the US.

I quickly realized that there were very few English tips for playing. I started writing some tips on one of my "generic" websites. I soon found 90% of my traffic was coming from those keywords. So I launched a new website http://www.ogametips.com and it blossomed.

I tried some affiliate programs, but very few fit the target audience. Affiliate related income amounts to only about $30 a month. AdSense revenue is practically zero. There are very few targeted ads for AdSense due to the nature of the content.

So I wrote a strategy guide on how to play OGame. The site was a success, and I am now recruiting guest writers to write new content for me. I have also partnered with Gameforge GmbH, the company that produces OGame, to provide some prizes for contests on the site.

I'm also using guest writers to help provide content for the weekly newsletter and regular site updates.

I started the site in April, 2005. The next month, I had about 6,000 unique visitors.

By December 2005 I was getting over 22,000 a month. I'm now averaging about 24,000 unique visitors a month. The amount fluctuates over the summer, since many players are school age, and don't play as much during the school year.

I have found a couple of strategy guides for other games, but there seems to be a pretty good market for these products. Tools to help play the game are another potential market. Just be sure to check the legality of the tools. Some games (like OGame) do not allow any tools to interact with the web browser or the game. But you are allowed to manually enter information into a database or other tool. Some games let you manipulate the game itself.

In addition to the strategy guide, I'm contemplating a membership based tool to assist players further their skills and resources in the game. But that product may be a few months in the making.

Sales of the OGame Tips Strategy Guide average about 20 a month. Each copy sells (via ClickBank) for $14.95. I started selling the strategy guide in October or November 2005. Version 2 of the strategy guide is being worked on. This will include some new bonuses and a higher price tag. A good sales page, and a good header graphic (and ebook cover) helped bring the sales level up. I don't market this product as much as I could, so I know the sales levels could be higher.

Quick summary:

When Eric couldn't find suitable affiliate products in his chosen niche, he wrote a report to sell via ClickBank. Depending on your market, you can write a guide for a service or product, and then sell that guide. A membership site is another possibility. Don't abandon a good niche just because you can't find related affiliate products


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