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The following is a list of people that have left the official Church of Scientology organization and have spoken out publicly against it. Although some of them still believe in the validity of the core precepts and practice them outside of the Church of Scientology, all of them have denounced the legitimacy of the organization itself. The names are listed alphabetically by last name. 

The purpose of this list is to give courage to others who are still in to finally leave, or those who have already left to speak out. Also, perhaps those that are still in may recognize a name they may have known before and are unaware they have left. It is also important to show how extensive this list is, especially now that some senior former members have come forward. The list demonstrates that there is a significant problem with organized Scientology.

big list that left scientology

To those who are still in: realize that all of these people have left, and you can too. There are thousands more who left, and have not come forward to tell their story yet. And there are also hundreds more who spoke out who did not want their names known. We hope that the courage of those named here empowers more people to come forward with their stories of abuse, and ultimately prevent such abuses from ever taking place again.

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