About 1000Eventz

1000eventz is a web app that helps event organizers boost turnouts for their events via getting people to set up free SMS alerts.

You can embed a link to our service on your site or under blog posts making your events to explode with possibly thousands of attendants using the following script: 

<a href="https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbwvCnn7WfTWsU2sz-8ONeM_gLM_y5pZd31s6lb68bjyx1bETOyy/exec" target="_blank">Get a Free SMS Alert!</a>

Benefits to the events organizer:

Easy to blow up the numbers - free sms = higher turnout for events

Events hashtag - gets people engaging on the social webs

To the end user

Get free SMS alerts - never miss out on your favourite events!

Easily manage all events im attending via one click

Share events with friends easily

More Features coming...

  1. Youtube how-to videos coming
  2. Social network share, comment and track what people are saying about events
  3. See other nearby events and book
  4. Much more... have fun!

Not Registered?

1. Authorise the app to work with your gmail, and google calender here
2. Go to your calender and set up SMS notifications to your mobile as shown in the image below:

3. Come back here, reload the page, and enjoy the free service below!
(Check your credit balance to confirm its free!)

Set Free SMS alert below: