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High Calorie Formula

high calorie formula
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high calorie formula - Royal Canin
Royal Canin Dry Cat Food, Indoor Light 40 Formula, 15-Pound Bag
Royal Canin Dry Cat Food, Indoor Light 40 Formula, 15-Pound Bag
Royal Canin Indoor Cat Light 40 food is formulated for indoor cats prone to obesity from 1-10 years of age. Some cats have a greater tendency to gain weight than others. Plus, indoor cats lead a more sedentary lifestyle and may need a formula focused on controlling their weight. This formula is the ideal balance between a diet's energy level (measured in calories) and the energy expenditure, in relation to your cat's lifestyle and activity level, supports a healthy weight. Formulated with natural flavors to help provide your overweight cat with an appealing, low calorie diet. Also this high protein diet with moderate fat levels (high ration of proteins to calories) may help to prevent excess weight gain and preserve your cat's elegant body line.

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14 months! Finally an update!!
14 months! Finally an update!!
No update for ages, so I suppose it's time! So Rachel is now 14 months, and doesn't stop smiling and laughing. She is such a good natured little one, adores her brother, and is generally the happiest, easiest baby ever. She isn't growing as well as we would like, so she's on a special high calorie formula, and seems to be tolerating it really well. We have cut out her reflux meds, and no longer thicken all of her feeds, so it looks like her reflux has cleared up completely. On the eating front, she's not doing as well as she could. Still on the pureed foods, and doesn't seem to like anything more textured. She did manage to eat some more lumpy stuff over the last few days, but she does not like it. We have to keep at it though, as her oral sensitivity is still not getting much better. I'm guessing Rachel weighs about 18lbs now, but we will find out at our dietician appointment next week. She was a little on the light side at her 12 month check up with the pediatrician, so we are hoping for some good growth since then. This week, we had both the physio and speech therapist appointments, and both are delighted with Rachel's progress. It's harder for us to see major progress, but our physio sees a major improvement in the last 2 months. On the speech front, Rachel's hearing doesn't seem to be too much of an issue so far. She is delayed, but has started to make good noises, ba, ma, ga, and wa. This is all in the last 3 months, so we are really pleased. She is also combining sounds, ba ba ma ma etc, which I believe is really good. She has a lot of work to do, but our speech therapist thinks she is so interactive and vocal now, that it's all very promising. We've been given a lot of speech stuff to do with her and hopefully that will help her improve. Physically, Rachel has made great progress over the last few months. She is still not sitting, but her core strength has improved a lot. She still hasn't got great balance, but I'm told it's getting better. Thanks to new supports for her high chair, she can now play with toys using both hands. Up to now, she didn't have the strength to use her left hand at all. She is rolling, all ways, and a lot. For a while, it was her way of moving, but now she scoots around on her back, using her feet, kind of like a crab. Rachel has also started to do hidey - peeps, and now waves hi and bye! - Not waving using her hands, but just her arm. She also puts her hands up when we ask her does she want to be picked up, I'd love if Rachel could sit, bit without saving reflexes, this isn't likely. However she is improving at the moment in a way that makes me think that it is possible! Fingers crossed!! Either way, she is still the cutest, happiest little girl. A friend remarked to me today that she's never heard her cry! She's such fun now, and her newfound independence is so great to see! It's not the movement we would like at this point, but she is so curious and determined, so things look promising. For now!
Bad hair day!
Bad hair day!
But good ears day! We saw the ENT specialist today, and her left ear is still perfect. This is really good news, as now it looks like she has a real chance of keeping her hearing in that ear. Of course, this is not something we take for granted. We weren't too worried this time, as Rachel has really started to respond well to her name, and loves when we sing to her. She has also started to make ba ba ba noises. Her speech is very delayed, but as usual, she is making nice progress, so hopefully in time, she will be able to catch up. We also saw the dietician today, and Rachel was weighed. She is now 7.6 kg, which is not as heavy as we want. She now, she is on a high calorie formula, and we have to add cream and butter to her food to increase the calories. The hope is that with enough calories, she will do lots of growing. She just doesn't like to eat all that much, so we are reducing the quantity of bottles, to see if that will encourage her to eat more solid foods.

high calorie formula
high calorie formula
Wellness CORE Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, Reduced Fat Recipe, 12-Pound Bag
Wellness CORE Reduced Fat Formula is for dogs over 1 year that are less active or need to lose weight.100% grain free, protein-focused nutrition nothing in excess and everything in balance. Wellness has redefined the world of grain-free, high-protein dog food! CORE Reduced Fat Formula is a more thoughtful grain-free alternative to diets in the marketplace delivering the meat content consumers are looking for, without the excess fat, calories or minerals their dog doesn't need. This recipe contains 80% more meat than traditional dog foods that are formulated with grains, while still controlling mineral and fat levels! Also, 5 different quality animal protein sources are used - deboned turkey and with high quality (low Ash) turkey & whitefish meals and chicken liver. Potatoes provide energy giving carbs and help keep the kibble firm. Minerals are controlled by using expensive lower ash, higher-quality meats that are carefully chosen and screened for the calcium and phosphorus levels. Wellness guarantees the maximum levels of calcium and phosphorus on every bag. Fish & Flax Omega Blend provides a rich supply of Omega 3 fatty acids from salmon oil and flax seed. This blend nutritionally supports healthy skin to produce a glossy coat at guaranteed levels on every bag. The Wellness ActiCoat System applies living, heat-sensitive Probiotic micro-organisms after cooking to support digestive health at guaranteed levels on every bag. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are also included to help support long-term bone and joint health. Real meat provides the all-natural mouth-watering taste that dogs love. Great for controlling the levels of fat, calories and minerals for dogs of all lifestyles: for working and highly active dogs or dogs with a more sedentary lifestyle.

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