What is the sound of a Kricket Warship? 


Recently I was rereading Life, The Universe, and Everything by Douglas Adams and I had an interesting thought when I read the section where the Kricket Warship first arrives. Douglas Adams describes the noise as being like a hundred thousand people saying "wop." I wanted to know what this really sounds like.

I thought about how to make such a sound. I though about sampling myself, and looping it a hundred thousand times, but that would sound to much the same. I toyed with recording myself and changing the samples, but that didn't feel right. The way to do this is to get a hundred thousand people to say "wop".

Getting a hundred thousand people together to just say "wop" is a task beyond me. But maybe I can get enough people to record themselves and send me an mp3 of it.

So I'm asking everyone to record themselves saying "wop". Put include a few seconds of silence before and after. Save it as a wav or mp3 file. And then, send it to 100000wops@gmail.com.



Hear the wops