Sensor Board

This is a design that I created and modified many, many times. I wanted something very tiny that had as many sensors onboard as possible. It started off the same size as the display and over time with the discovery of new components it grew in size. This design features:

-atmel Atmega32u4 with a Leonardo bootloader
-micro USB connector
-3.3V power to everything
-a TPS61200 boost converter 0.5V-5.5V in to 3.3V out
-pushbutton switch
-5-way navigation switch
-TMP75 temperature IC
-ADXL345 accelerometer
-DS1340Z real time clock
-i2c 0.95" 128x64 OLED display
-SPI & i2c expansion pads for connecting additional devices

I'm very poor at writing code but I managed to cobbled together something to test all the sensors. The graphics library from Adafruit was a really big help.

Attached are the Altium PCB files, test code, bill of materials and parts placement diagram. If you have any further questions then just give me a shout at




YouTube Video

Pong Clock

Rev 2.1
The new design with micro SD card under the display is working great! Only issue I've had so far is running out of flash memory. It turns out that including the SD library, graphics and sensors libraries leaves no room for actual code. Who knew? For testing purposes I ran the rev 1.0 code and to test out the SD card I included the SD, non-graphics along with only a few sensor libraries. 

Below is test code in the works that starts, stops and erases the log file on the SD card. Viewing the logged data is something that I plan on working on next.

Carlos over at what kind enough to write Pong Clock code for this board which is attached below. He's a great programmer.

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