Arduino Led Controller

Control an Led strip with an Arduino

Below are the parts and instructions needed to assemble, program and control and LED strip. This is not very practical in any way but was a great way to get into laser cutting acrylic, program menu and sub menu navigation with only one mechanical encoder with integrated pushbutton on a oled screen.

Parts needed:

Arduino mini pro-

Arduino USB Programming board-

4Dsystems OLED display-

Digital Addressable RGB LED with PWM-


The enclosure starts off as a 3D model created using Solidworks. Once everything fits properly then a DXF file is created for the laser cutter.

Small plastic angle from the local hobby store drilled and threaded seems to work ok. 

4-40 screws were used all around.

The screw threads touch when assembled so spacers fixed this problem.



YouTube Video


Attached are four files:
-assembly.sldprt (SolidWorks box assembly) Arduino code (still very buggy)
-laser_panel.pdf (pdf file of the dxf file for the laser cutter)
-laser_panel.dxf (dxf file for the laser cutter)

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