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welcome to the googlepages home of half byte productions, a graphic design service. we provide various types of services ranging from digital photography, website design to custom graphics.

some parts of the site are under construction; only pages with an adequate amount of content will be linked to the front page.

if you would like to contact me, you may do so through my gmail account: 0dev.null

-owner and designer
half byte productions.

Last update:

2009/08/04: Top Gear S13E07 Screencaps+Quotes

Previous updates: 

2009/07/28: Top Gear S13E06 Screencaps+Quotes

2009/07/21: Top Gear S13E05 Screencaps+Quotes

2009/07/14: Top Gear S13E04 Screencaps+Quotes

2009/07/07: Top Gear S13E03 Screencaps+Quotes

2009/06/30: Top Gear S13E02 Screencaps+Quotes

2009/06/23: Top Gear S13E01 Screencaps+Quotes

2008/12/27: Added Team Canada "The Drive For 5" userbars

2008/11/23: Added D Motor/Carsten Van Ryssen sig 

2008/10/24: Added Radiohead/NHL 2008-09 userbar

                     Added Brodeur Fan userbar for TGC  

2008/10/05: Added Radiohead/NHL 2008-09 sig

2008/08/21: Added Fabian Hambüchen sig

2008/08/03: Added Captain Slow sig

2008/05/03: Added Team Deutschland userbars 

                     Added Radiohead "shards" wallpapers

2008/04/18: Added Top Gear video sig

2008/01/04: Added Canucks Cellphone wallpapers

2007/12/01: Added Bugatti Veyron sig 

                     Added Columbus Blue Jackets userbar

2007/11/20: Added Unofficial Columbus Blue Jackets Board userbar 

                     Added Zoidberg's Big Score sig

2007/11/18: Added Green Luongo userbar 

                     Added Unofficial Phoenix Coyotes userbar

2007/11/11: Added Radiohead Convert userbar

2007/11/09: Added Benelli SBEII sig for Bilalkmazhar

2007/10/26: Added Ruger 22/45 sig 

2007/10/14: Added CDC Lives Here sig for TdW

2007/10/10: Added Canberra Knights userbars

2007/10/07: Added Mythbusters Lego sig for TdW    

                     Added Daybreak 4 Prez sig for Daybreak

2007/09/30: Added Dance Dance Revolution userbar for xxGrabnerxx

2007/09/25: Added NHL 07/08 sig for TdW

                     Added Foo Fighters avatar [in sigs]

2007/09/23: Added Frasier wallpaper

2007/09/07: Added Peter Costello sig for TdW

2007/09/04: Added Vapor XXXX addict userbar

2007/08/24: Added Oliver Kahn vs. streaker sig for TdW

2007/07/09: Added "I am the Stig" userbar

2007/06/30: Added Opera userbar 

                     Added arko's ForumW Uploader sig

2007/06/15: Added Proud to be Omani userbar

2007/06/14: Added Mack boots userbar

2007/06/09: Added Erwin Rommel "der Wüstenfuchs" sig

2007/06/06: Added RIP Canucks Email and Proud to be Afghan userbars

2007/05/17: Added Oliver Kahn FCB sig

2007/05/14: Added 'atta boy' Colby Armstrong IHWC07 sig

2007/05/06: Added 'Thanks Canucks' sig

2007/05/05: Added Colby Armstrong Team Canada sig

2007/05/04: Added Naslund 'Waiting' wallpaper 

                     Added Luongo 'thanks' userbar

2007/04/29: Added Jarkko Ruutu Suomi/Finland sig

2007/04/24: Added O Canada userbar for sspyndel

2007/04/22: Added several userbars: Canucks, Heja Sverige (sspyndel); Luongo                                  (thrillermiller), Sverige , Tre Kronor, Proud to be Lithuanian

2007/02/20: Added Blog.Arts header

2007/02/11: Added 'my Swedish Twins' regular and video sig

2006/12/28: Added BlueJaysChat header

2006/12/26: Added Red Hot Chili Peppers wallpaper

2006/12/18: Added more info about FZ7 camera

2006/12/17: Added BodyBuildingFaqs.com header

2006/12/16: Added EC's Teams wallpaper

2006/11/22: Added 'Vote for Rory' userbars

2006/11/18: Added Canucks Superskills 2006 wallpaper

2006/11/17: Updated digital photography page; added Flickr link

                      Added about page

2006/11/12: Added 17 userbars; newest beginning with Firefox userbars

2006/11/10: Added userbars section; several userbars

2006/11/08: Added X-Files userbar to sigs

2006/10/22: Added Discover Chiropractic headers

2006/10/15: Added Jimmy Eat World "Bleed American" video sig

                     Added "hockey rules" animated sig

2006/10/03: Added "hockey rules" sig set

2006/09/29: Added Canucks Training Camp Vernon 2006 wallpaper

2006/09/10: Added digital photography page; several images

2006/09/07:Added Brendan Morrison wallpaper

2006/09/01: Added Trevor Linden sig

2006/08/27: Added wallpaper section; first wallpaper piece, Ryan Kesler

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