About Me

I am currently a researcher at Tata Consultancy Services Research and Innovation , Kolkata, India.

I completed my M.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering with specialization in Communication and Signal Processing from IIIT-Delhi and was a member of SALSA Research Lab (Batch 2014-2016). I did my masters thesis on Regularized Autoencoders under the guidance of Dr. Angshul Majumdar.

Before joining M.Tech I completed B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (Batch 2010-2014) from JIIT, Noida.

Research Interests

  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Compressed Sensing
  • Optimization
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Inverse Problems

Position of Responsibilities

  • Teaching Assistant-Probability and Statistics.(January,16 – May,16)
  • Teaching Assistant-Calculus.(August,15 - December,15)
  • Teaching Assistant-Probability and Statistics.(January,15 – May,15)
  • Teaching Assistant-Linear Algebra. (August,14 – December,14)


mail : kavya.gupta100@gmail.com

Google sholar : https://google_scholar_KGupta