About Me
I am currently pursuing M.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering with specialization in Communication and Signal Processing at IIIT-Delhi and a member of SALSA Research Lab.
I am doing my M. Tech thesis on Regularised Autoencoders under the guidance of Dr. Angshul Majumdar.
Before joining M.Tech  I completed B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (Batch of 2014) from JIIT, Noida.

Research Interests
  • Machine Learning.
  • Compressed Sensing.
  • Optimization.
  • Image/speech Processing.
  • Collaborative Filtering.


Gupta, K., & Majumdar, A. (2016). Greedy Algorithms for Non-linear Sparse Recovery. In Machine Intelligence and Signal Processing (pp. 99-108). Springer India.

Position of Responsibilities
  • Teaching Assistant-Calculus.(Aug,15-Present)
  • Teaching Assistant-Probability and Statistics.(Jan,15 – May,15)
  • Teaching Assistant-Linear Algebra. (Aug,14 – Dec,14)
  • Volunteer Formula 1 Airtel Grand Prix. (october 2012)
official email:-     kavya1482@iiitd.ac.in

generic email:-    kavya.gupta100@gmail.com