Every Man Dies Alone

Character List

Otto Quangel - Furniture factory foreman. Lives on third floor above the Persickes and below the Rosenthal's.

Anna Quangel - Otto's wife.

Ottochen Quangel - Son of Otto and Anna

Ulrich Heffkes - Anna's short hunchbacked brother, married to a tall, dark and tired-looking woman

Trudel Baumann - Ottochen's fiance

Karl Hergesell - Young dark-haired man in love with Trudel

Grigoleit - Member of cell with Trudel

Eva "Evie" Kluge - Postwoman.

Enno Kluge - Work-shirking womanizer. Married to Eva but she rejects him.

Karlemann Kluge - Elder son, picture of him committing an atrocity.

Max Kluge - Younger son.

Gustav and Frau Gesch - Neighbor of Eva.

Tutti Hebekreuz - Enno's woman, heavy dark-haired masculine lady.

Lotte - Enno's woman, married to a man away at the front.

Hetty Haberle - Enno's woman, bourgeois, animal shop owner.

Anna Schonlein - friend of Hetty's who has consumption and hides dissenters in her appt.

Herr/Father Persickes - Elder drunk family patriarch. Second (first) floor.

Baldur Persickes - 16-year old Hitler-youth. Short and wiry. Has 2 older SS brothers.

Frau Rosenthal - 70 year old Jewish woman who lives above the Quangel's, 4th floor.

Siegfried Rosenthal - Older Jewish man imprisoned, once owned a shop with Frau Rosenthal, Nazis think he is hiding money.

Emil Borkhausen - Lives in basement with Otti and her (if not his) 5 children.

Otti Borkhausen - Wife(?) of Emil. Prostitute who sees John's in their home.

Kuno-Dieter - Son<?> of Otti

Judge Fromm - Lives on first (ground) floor.

Liese - Housemaid for Judge Fromm.

Dollfus - co-worker of Otto, carpenter, probably a party spy.

Director Schroeder - Factory director at Otto's factory.

SS Obergruppenfuhr Prall - cantankerous drunken boss of Escheirch

Inspector Escherich - Gestapo inspector who first learns of the postcards and keeps a pin map.

Inspector Laub - Successor of Escherich. Short, compact man with a bony hand he slaps his victims with.

Inspector Rusch - Gestapo who has Frau Rosenthal killed.

Friedrich - Assistant thug to Rusch.

Inspector Schroeder - Gestapo who first arrests Enno at doctors office

Fraulein Kiesow - Stressed receptionist at doctors office who incriminates Enno

Max Harteisen - Actor, out of work (blacklisted) because he contradicted Dr. Joseph Goebbels on a point of trivia. Finds first postcard.

Erwin - Lawyer for Harteissen - finds first postcard.

Heinz - Political commissioner of the office building where Erwin works who brings the first postcard to Inspector Escherich

Inspector Zott - a little man with goatee beard and a beer belly

Klebs - agent of Zott - small, badly nourished, banded legged, with bad skin and teeth - thief - visits old man Persickies

Walter Schwoch - rampant Nazi and cowardly yapper and denouncer. Teacher in village where Eva Kluge moved.

Frau Schwoch - Wife of Walter, she hounds Kienschaper out of her house.

Kienschaper - substitue teacher for Schwoch when he is sent to the front. Friend of Eva Kluge.

Berta Kuppke - Frau Quangel's cell mate.

Karl Ziemke ("Karlchen") - man of 30, herculean build, mastiff's head, long hairy arms. Ex-SS, contract killer, thinks he is a dog, cell mate of Otto.

Dr. Martens - works at asylum where Persinkles is held. Orders the "green injection". Has a morphine habit.

Reichhardt - Musician. Cell mate of Otto. Helps him see new perspectives and learn chess.

Chaplan Friedrich Lorenz - around 40, tall, narrow chested, wracked with TB. Befriends many inmates.

Frau Hansel - cell mate of Trudel - rats on other inmates and gets them in trouble.

Judge Feisler - historically real person. Judge of the People's Court. Partisan, un-objective, mockery of real court.

Pinscher - Prosecuting attorney, excitable, mean.

Defense Attorney Stark - blond, cleans his fingers, cares less for his client and makes no defense.