This room started off with brown textured wallpaper, brown plaid shag carpeting, and two tone miniblinds.  Needless to say, we have done A LOT of work in there to get it to its current state, including putting in recessed lighting, redoing the wood floors, and closet, and lots of decorating :-)

This is what the nursery looked like before we moved in.

















View when you walk into the room.  You can see the modular area rug also.














View to the left.  You can see the DIY upholstered cornice that I made.













My desk repurposed as a changer and hutch.


You can also see the 6 panel closet doors we put in to replace the old sliding wood ones.

















































Lamp spray-painted white from off white and stars added to the lampshade.

I also painted the letter blocks to match the room, they were originally primary colored.








My DIY "first year" frame.  Each frame holds a 4x6 picture.
















Close up of semi-DIY wall art that I made.










I got the stars on clearance at Joann and I painted them to match the room also.











Close up of frame I painted and added letters to, to hold pics of Mike, Me, and the baby.







Monogram letters that I agonized about for weeks.  Since everyone does name letters, I wanted something a bit different.  I bought the round plauqes, and glued the letters on and painted everything.








DIY name art that I made.  Everything is 3-d and stands off the paper.













The one babyish thing we have in this room.  We both fell in love with this in HD-- luckily the blades flip over to black and the globe light comes off for down the road.






DIY closet dividers that I made so I don't lose anything in the closet.