Dad's House
So my dad (the bachelor) and my sister (the teenager) are living like pigs with neat piles of crap everywhere.  I couldn't take it anymore, so I offered to help them redo the house.  For my sister's 16th birthday we redid her room and the bathroom for her.  I realize that the house looks somewhat neat in these before pictures.  That is because this room belonged to my other sister who moved out almost 6 months prior.  It had been untouched since.  If and when my father decides to clean out the rest of his dump (house) I will happily help him redecorate.  He supplied the money and I supplied all the labor/materials/ideas/shopping.

Our Nest





Original 25 + year old builders paint. 













Gray mininblinds put in by the previous owners for their sons in the mid 1980s and dark gray carpet.









Repainted the walls.

DIY Upholstered headboard.

New Bedding.

New Carpet.










DIY Upholstered headboard.


























New faux wood blinds.  She still needs to decorate and put her stuff away.














DIY bulletin board project that I made for her.  This will be hung over the desk in between the 2 windows.

















Original builders paint in the bathroom with hideous, outdated artwork and towels that came with the house.












Look closely at the toilet seat.  It was shredded for years, and those magazines are from when I got engaged in 2004.



























DIY mirror frame.

Repainted the walls a sagey green.

New accessories.











































Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After