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buy hot wheels cars online
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  • Hot Wheels is a Hardy Boys novel.
  • Hot Wheels is a thirty minute Saturday morning animated television series broadcast on ABC from 1969 to 1971, under the primary sponsorship of Mattel Toys.
  • Hot Wheels is a brand of die cast toy car, introduced by American toymaker Mattel in 1968. It was the primary competitor of Matchbox until 1996, when Mattel acquired rights to the Matchbox brand from Tyco.
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buy hot wheels cars online - Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders Chevy Camaro Car
Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders Chevy Camaro Car
Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders - Blue Chevy Camaro
Hot Wheels RC Stealth Rides Nitro Speeders Collection: A super fast, highly responsive portable micro RC car that deliver amazing performance. Nitro’s come in their own carrying case, which not only serves as the remote control, but acts as a charger to keep the cars at peak performance. The Nitro's small size makes them portable so they go anywhere and are ready to race any time, any place. Built for high speed turns and spinning, Stealth Rides Nitro Speeders are the biggest little thing in the world of RC. Collect ‘em all. Each sold separately.A super fast, highly responsive portable micro RC car that deliver amazing performanceCome in their own carrying case serves as the remote control and chargerNitros small size makes them small enough to fit in your pocket, so they go wherever you goFully functioning RC vehicle that is ready to race any time, any placeNitro Speeders are the biggest little thing in the world of RC
Recommended Ages: 8 years - 12 years

Be ready to race anytime, anywhere with the RC Nitro Speeders from Hot Wheels. This fully functioning RC vehicle delivers fantastic, agile performance while being small enough to fit into your pocket. At a scale speed of 0 to 600 miles per hour in less than one second, the Nitro Speeders will make you a strong competitor wherever you go!
Hot Wheels Logo
RC Nitro Speeders
Chevy Camaro
Ages: Eight and up
Requires: Four AA batteries
At a Glance:
Scale speed of 0 to 600 miles per hour
High-speed turns and responsive control in all directions
Pocket-size, multipurpose remote controller/charger/carrying case so you can take Nitro Speeder with you everywhere
Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders
Sleek and lightweight with aerodynamic design. View larger. Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders
Super-powered charger keeps the car at peak performance. View larger.
Mobility on the Ground and in Your Pocket
The RC Nitro Speeders are designed so all parts can fit inside your pocket and go wherever you go. The remote controller doubles as a charging deck, consolidating two separate functions in a single efficient tool. The remote also serves as a carrying case, featuring a small, clear compartment that easily holds the Nitro Speeder. This way, you can carry all the tools you need in one simple piece that fits comfortably in your hand.
High Speeds and Precise Driving
With their small size and microchip technology, Nitro Speeders can make super-precise, high-speed turns and feature responsive control in all directions. The high-power, rechargeable battery dodges any unnecessary weight, and two 30,000-rpm motors supply power to each set of wheels. Super-size tires increase the Nitro Speeders' traction, propelling the vehicle forward, in reverse, and around sharp turns at a scale speed of 0 to 600 miles per hour.
Promotes Coordination and Strategy
Our testers were impressed by the acceleration and speed the Nitro Speeders could reach, and had fun learning how to use the controllers to make swift, sharp turns on hard indoor surfaces. Testers found that at first the extreme speeds of the Nitro Speeders often caused the vehicles to flip over. However, after reading the quick tips in the provided instructions and some practice with the controller, the drivers' coordination improved and Nitro Speeders became easier to drive.
The Nitro Speeders come in five different varieties: Chevy Camaro Car, Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Hammer Head Vehicle, Ken Block Ford Fiesta Rally Car, Mustang Car, and Team Hot Wheels Mustang Car. Collect 'em all to stage races and work on your racing strategy!
The remote controller requires four AA batteries (not included).
What's in the Box
Nitro Speeder Chevy Camaro car, multipurpose remote controller/charger/carrying case, and instructions for use.

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Rat Car
Rat Car
What is the Rat look then? When people describe “rat look” they often have their own concept of what it is to be rat. This isn’t a bad thing by any means; the scene is that versatile. The ways in which you can style and modify a vehicle to personalise it to your own taste are endless. To someone who is “ratting” a car, it could mean simply attacking the paintwork with a sander, letting the panels generate a layer of rust, throwing stickers all over the windows and bonnet, and chopping springs. To another person, it could mean slamming the car properly with some top of the range coilovers on some immaculate Euro wheels with an insane camber, spraying the car in a simple but effective matt or satin colour along with a roof rack and a few thoughtfully customised accessories. Finally it could be a vehicle that has naturally evolved into a true old skool style rat over time, that has been kept on the road ‘no matter what it takes’ for as little cost as possible. However, styling is not the only side to a ratted vehicle. Unlike the older American way, if you delve deeper into the UK scene, you may notice a surprising twist. A fully ratted car can be in A1 class condition in terms of mechanical efficiency and outright power. So that “rusty” looking VW Beetle you see sitting in your local car park may actually be in better mechanical condition, have a better power to weight ratio and also a much more lairy engine sitting under its bonnet than its newer looking sporty cousin that wears a GTi badge with its immaculate paint work… Like we said, a unique and surprising twist! It’s not as easy as just buying an old banger, though. There are a lot of nice cars to rat out there, but you’ll also find a lot of pre-ratted cars that simply have no style or impact, and are just an accident waiting to happen on the roads. Our scene has a lot of artistic input to say the least. Ratting is without a doubt a learning curve for most. And with phrases like “Hood ride”, “Nu Rat”, and “Drift Rat” cropping up all over the place, you may be confused as to what “Rat Look” means. The following sections will introduce you to the origins of rat, where the scene is now, which more commonly known styling methods you can adopt, and where the scene is heading. Where did rat styling originate from? Rat look cars may seem like a relatively new concept, but they’re not. Spend a little time researching the scene online and you’ll find out that hot rods from the 1920?s onwards have often been styled as “rat rods”. The survival bike scenes have also played as important a role, if not more so, as hot rodding. RAT stands for Recycled Automotive Transport, and is about keeping your vehicle on the road for as little as possible, often borrowing parts from other cars. If you want to take a look at some movie influences for rat and survival, check out the 1971 American movie “DUEL” with Dennis Weaver, or slightly the slightly newer 1980 film “Mad Max” with Mel Gibson. From those roots, it was the VW scene which took up the baton, becoming one of the first to really bring the scene alive in the USA with the term “Hood Ride” being pinned, which also had its own American based website and forum at the time (now defunct). In the USA they don’t have MOT’s so driving a car with rotten floor, no sills etc is legal – Easier for some than others hey! And there appeared to be a lot of rat on the air cooled forums also around this time. With the VW Camper Van and Beetle at the forefront, it wasn’t long before anything pre 90?s and Volkswagen started to have a retro following of its own within and around Europe, albeit very niche at the time. Around this time the “rat look” term was pinned as it seemed the most respectful naming convention to the original rod scene that everything had originated from so far. As time went on it seems that the scene really expanded, especially in the last decade. I’ve created this site to cater for you guys and girls. We’ve all seen that it’s not just the VW guys involved anymore with their euro styling – everyone is getting in on the act. Typically you’ll see German and French machines taking hold of the scene in the UK with their respective 80’s and early 90’s hatchback models, whilst slightly trailing behind is a slightly smaller selection of Jap, American and British machines that have been given a taste of the rat-look. It has to be said that ‘Rat’ isn’t the same as it once was all those years ago, but that isn’t a bad thing, as the scene has progressed so far and now we have various styles all floating around the becoming part of the massive rat look phenomenon.
my hot new wheels
my hot new wheels
How not to sell a car: via flickr or facebook. I still can't remember who said it, but it's absolutely true that the internet has become our grandparents - we use it for gossip, photos of our cats and kids, in place of newspapers and the yellow pages, and the weather. I thought, perhaps, that aside from these things social networking would provide a true utility -- that is, a way to sell my old car -- but alas, it didn't. Or perhaps all of my friends are just too smart to want to take a VW with a billion miles off my hands. I sold it on craigslist, which somewhat amazingly remains the place to do such business. I sold it to a police officer from New Jersey, who was going to give it to his niece in Tennessee, whose father has died. This is my new car. I bought it from a man named Lou in Warminster. It has a sunroof. For the first time since high school, I'm excited about just going for a ride (added 3/24/09: in a car, that is -- I'm always excited about just going for a ride on my scooter).

buy hot wheels cars online
buy hot wheels cars online
Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table
Race through the mountains, ride a train over scenic canyon terrain, or fly a helicopter over the landscape - then break for a quick board game or snack. You can do it all with the Canyon Road Deluxe Train and Track Table.
This large, all-in-one activity table features a molded-in track that is great for train sets and die-cast cars. The nesting table top covers the track and play pieces for storage and provides a spacious area for board games, puzzles, or art projects.
Packed with accessories, this Deluxe Table includes a 3-piece train set, 2 cars, 7 removable bridges, colorful landscape decals and helicopter. Molded-in track gives younger children more fun without the frustration of other train sets. Assembles in minutes so you can play right away. Sturdy poly construction lasts for years and wipes clean easily. Measures 14"H x 47"W x 26"D.