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What is "STEM" : Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Students, often, overlook their own potential and overestimate corporate developments. A properly motivated student can learn virtually anything with all of the information available on the internet. Open source software resources, particularly compilers and software development kits (SDK’s) provide opportunities today for anybody with the time and commitment to turn out products whose quality and complexity only depend on the effort put in. Overall complexity can be difficult to manage. The most important thing when dealing with complexity is to break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Start by getting small building blocks functional and work up to the full design.

Talk is cheap and results are what tell the real story. I was personally excited about the circuit topics but, as a student, I did not put the proper effort in to advance my skills. I felt entitled that my education was the responsibility of whoever was teaching me. Your education is whatever you make of it and happens anywhere you are. Students should make efforts to not copy designs but, rather, build and study the designs to really understand them. Looking at something on paper is completely different than actually building the design and working out the bugs. 

There were gaps in my education that I am determined to fill for the next generation.

Interests: Fostering the next generation of inventors through the inspiration and recognition of science and technology,  Circuits, Audio, Robotics and Photography. Conveniently, all of these are inter-related.


MSEE 2008 NCSU: Analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design

BSEE 2005 NCSU: Computer Engineering

BSEE 2005 NCSU: Electrical Engineering

Professional Experience: High Speed(MultiGigabit) Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design, Imaging Sensor(camera) Design, High Speed(MultiGigabit) Printed Circuit Board Design, Standard Cell ASIC Design, Camera Control, LIDAR development, Rapid Prototyping, Z80 Assembly Programming.

USFIRST.org Electrical and Programming Mentor FLL: 2006-2007, FRC:2009-Current

My sincere hope is that my confidence is never perceived as arrogance, and my humility is never perceived as ignorance.

I am absolutely not afraid to make a mistake and be politely corrected for it. I also believe, and have been taught that paranoia and pessimism are good design traits. Running open loop isn't nearly as accurate as a well controlled closed loop system. Peak output is higher and quicker for open loop while closed loops can achieve more accuracy and precision. Each situation benefits by a control loop direct selected for the particular instance. Hybrid dual loops are usually the optimum solution.

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