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Collected Thoughts

FIRST Robotics Challenge teams provide a really spectacular opportunity for students to learn, explore, and apply academic concepts towards a significantly recognizable goal. 

The goal is a very important part of the program because it provides the "why" behind all of the learning. 
There are building blocks 

I am a design engineer employed and trained  in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math field and not too long ago I was a student. 

I personally remember my high school math and physics classes and how hard I had to work to keep up. The thing that frustrates me on this side of school is that now that I understand the concepts in context my mind is able to completely wrap around all sides and all details of the concept in application

Don't gloss over important details because they are difficult... Work with the students through those details.
Turn on the knowledge fire hose at the beginning and gauge the absorption rate... But start from root principles because these programs are where the students are really learning root principles

Successful teams are a combination of talent, practice and training. 
These teams are typically developed over several years and particularly benefit from highly motivated members. 

An athlete is expected to maintain their own physical fitness to participate on a sports team. High achieving athletes are the ones with natural talent who have put in the work to hone the necessary physical abilities to be a top competitor. 

A system is made up of many parts. All of those parts must either be first identified, then sourced or created.