Guide to Getting More Instagram Followers on Insta4likes

So you have just signed up to Instagram; because you are sick of Twitter and other social media sites, your friends are on here, and it’s a lot more fun to use than the other social networks.You have just finished updating your profile, and checked your statistics: 0 followers, 0 comments... You are put off by this, nobody wants to see those 0’s on their profile, so the only thing to do is start posting in hopes you will attract an audience to your awesome content! 

The quality rule that applies to all websites and social media sites still apply here on Instagram, you need to post interesting, engaging and quality images in order to attract followers and fans, but just posting unfortunately will not give you the followers and comments that it may deserve. New accounts often struggle over here on Instagram, you need to be responsible for getting the ball rolling, once it starts rolling the rest will happen on its own.

The easiest way to get some followers for your new profile is by buying Instagram followers on Insta4likes. For just a one time, small cost you can have some “starting” followers for your profile. They will give your profile credibility, when people check out someone’s profile, if they see that you have no followers, it is very unlikely that they will follow you as they will not know that your account is new, and assume you only post low quality stuff. By just buying some followers you can instantly break free of that annoying cycle and start getting more natural followers sooner.

Whether or not you have bought followers, you will still need to follow a few more rules to get the maximum followers for your Instagram:

• Use relevant hashtags at all times when posting, this will allow people with similar interests to see your stuff, even if they aren’t following you! 

• Have a strict posting schedule, ie. Every 5 hours – this will show people you mean business and have lots of interesting stuff to share.

• Don’t spam, you can promote yourself without blatantly doing so in every post or comment you make!