Current Research/Projects

      I've been providing consultancy to students of different universities in completion of their Thesis/Dissertation/Report. A few topics are presented below:
  • "Complexity in Supply Chain" (Completed)
  • "Consumer Perception about Advertising and Marketing: A Study of Pakistan" (Completed)
  • "The role of Board Monitoring and Management Contracting to restrain Earnings Management" (Completed)

       I have worked  on following research projects/studies:

  • "Financial Literacy and Investment Decision Making" (Completed)
  • "Influence of Job Stress and Work Life Balance on Employee Performance: Moderated by Organizational Support" (Completed)
  • "Outsource Marketing or InHouse Marketing: Possibilities and Challenges (Completed)
  • "Possibilities and Potential of Forward Integration Strategy for Hanif Rajput" (Completed)
  • "Effect of Privatization of PTCL: Pre and Post Analysis" (Completed)
  • "Impact of Work life Balance on Employee Performance: Moderated by Transactional Leadership" (Completed)
  • "Factors Affecting Levels of Customer Satisfaction in Government Sector" (Completed)
  • "Business Plan For Solar Charger" (Completed)
  • "Manufacturing and Distribution Analysis of SB (Sadiq Brothers) Pharma RWP in Pharmaceutical Drugs" (Completed)
  • "Factors Affecting Individual Investor Investment Decision in Islamabad Stock Market (ISE)"? (Completed)
  • "Relationship between Organizational Cynicism and Employee Performance: Moderating Effect of Employee Engagement" (Completed)
  • "Influence of Transactional Leadership on Employee Performance: Moderated by Work Meaningfulness" (Completed)
  • "The Impact of Consumers Boycott on Brand Loyalty Towards FMCG Amongst Middle Easterners in London" (Completed)
  • "Investigation of Factors Affecting Tourism Industry: A Study of Pakistan" (Completed)
        I've conducted a number of research projects/studies during  the year 2014. Title of few studies are presented below:
  • "Impact of Distribution Channel on Satisfaction: A Study FMCG Sector of Pakistan" (Completed)
  • "Determinants of Banks’ Profitability: A Study of Pakistan Banking Sector" (Completed)
  • "The Impact of Motivation on Teacher’s performance: A Study of Private Schools in Pakistan " (Completed)
  • "Conflict in FATA and Its Impact on National Security: A Qualitative Analysis" (Completed)