Ascend to the Next World and Shape Your Destiny

Simulacra is on indefinite hiatus.


noun, plural: simulacra

"A copy or image without reference to an original. "

Simulacra is a multi-genre live action boffer LARP where players take on the role of characters immigrating from a variety of parallel worlds. Some fleeing chaos and destruction, others looking for a new life, and some even arriving by accident, each character has made their way from their home world to a strange new place. This world is a sparse wilderness containing only the most rudimentary structures. Hidden among the forested hills and plains are bizarre artifacts, grotesque creatures, and wandering strangers. This mysterious reality beckons, challenging the newcomers to settle, to conquer, to build and shape it to their desires. The wise will temper their ambitions, though, for there are horrors concealed by deep shadows.