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Diversity is a range of things including differences in skills and abilities, personality traits, value and attitudes. As our team name states, team Diversity, we offer a diverse group of classes. Providing students with a chance to explore different avenues of personal expression through sports, arts, technology, music and growth in reading and math. As a team we are here to provide our students with tools and skills that will serve their unique variety of needs now, and in the future.

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Elizabeth Cook

Jennifer Emberton

Career and Computer Science

Read 180 and Systems 44

Math Intervention

Related Arts Discipline Policy

Behavior cards are given to any student who breaks a school or classroom rule. At the end of the 9 weeks students who did not get a behavior card will take part in a rewards day during their related arts period.

1 Card = No Related Arts Rewards Day

2 Cards = Parent Contact

3 Cards = TIP (classroom isolation for that class period)

4 Cards = Major Referral