Visual Art

Franklin-Simpson Middle School


My name is Christy Matthews and I am the art teacher here at FSMS! I am a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Art Education. I live in Portland, Tennessee with my husband (Tav) and daughter (Isabella). We have many pets including 2 cats , 2 dogs, and a bunny. I love to travel, sing loudly in the car, paint, and go on adventures to new places with my family!

I am so excited to have you in art this year! I have a lot of fun things planned and cannot wait to explore many far off places with you! Each grade level is set up with the same routines, rules, expectations, and practices but have different curriculum (areas of study). On this page you will find a brief overview of the units for each grade level. On other pages you will find our Google Course Calendar that details our daily activities and a page dedicated to the Rules and Expectations of the art classroom.

In this unit we will review the elements of art and principles of design. We will look at different artworks and discuss how and why the artist chose to use them. We will also talk about the artist Kelsey Montague and her #WhatLiftsYou murals. We will create feathers for a collaborative installation piece that will be hung in the school.

Unit 2: Middle Eastern Architecture

We are off to explore architecture of the Middle East. We will visit several ancient mosques and explore the many different architectural features specific to them. We will create a motif tile, like the ones used to create the designs on mosques, using our names.

In this unit we will travel back in time to the land of the Pharaoh, Ancient Egypt. We will discover the riches of Pharaohs tomb as well as learn about how their culture and beliefs affect their artworks.

Unit 2: Ancient Greek and Roman Architecture

Unit 1: Kristin Farr and Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Art

In this unit we will discover works of art by modern day Neo-Folk Artist Kristin Farr and how she was influenced by the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs. We will discuss symbolism and learn why the Pennsylvania Dutch incorporated symbols onto their Hex Signs. We will also create our own original symbolic Hex Sign.

Unit 2: