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About the FSMS Library

Mrs. Schlosser is the librarian at FSMS. This is her third year as librarian and 20th in education. She previously served as a chemistry teacher at Franklin-Simpson High School and an 8th grade science teacher at FSMS for seven years. She lives in Franklin with her husband and four daughters.

The library at FSMS services students in grades 6-8.

Mission Statement

The mission of the FSMS library is to empower students to change their world.

Vision Statement

The vision of the FSMS library is that through giving students opportunities to read, create, explore, discover, and learn they will see the world in a new way and be empowered to change their perspective and surroundings.

Library Learning Center Schedule

Mondays--Seventh Grade Language Arts alternate weeks

Thursdays--Team Respect every other week

Wednesdays--Sixth Grade Language Arts alternate weeks

Fridays--Team Courage every other week

Additional classes can be accommodated; please check with Mrs. Schlosser for availability. The library can provide:

  • A video production lab
  • Presentation Center with ability to screen cast from Apple devices.
  • 14 stationary computers
  • 15 Chromebooks
  • iPads
  • iPods
  • 2 whiteboard tables