Fees & Conditions


Max 8, 60 Mins, 10 weeks - $135

Squad price is $125 for players enrolled in another lesson.


Max 4, 30 Mins, 10 weeks - $135

Semi Private

Max 2, 30 Mins, 10 weeks - $215


30 Mins, 10 weeks - $360

60 Mins, 10 weeks - $675

Private lessons are offered on a casual basis if there is a time slot is available.


1). Payment of fees. The full amount is due before the first lesson of the term. Accounts will be emailed approximately one week before the commencement of the term and payment is due by the date stated on the account. If payment is not received by that date, then we will be unable to enrol you or your child in our coaching program.

2). Makeup lessons due to absences. We will endeavour to provide a makeup lesson; however, a makeup lesson depends on a vacancy in another class, class suitability and availability on alternate days.

*A maximum of two makeup lessons per term may be offered if 24 hours notice is given in writing (by text or email) but is not guarenteed.

*When contacting us to say that your child cannot make their scheduled lesson, the onus is on parents to indicate alternate days where a makeup would be suitable.

*If an offer of a makeup is declined on the alternate days nominated by parents then that lesson will be forfeited.

*Should an appropriate group not be available on your nominated days or a vacancy does not occur then the lesson will have to be forfeited.

*Makeup lessons will not be carried over into the next term.

*Makeup lessons due to washouts will automatically be rescheduled in the last week of term if not done prior.

3). Class sizes per coach. Private ratio 1:1, Semi Private ratio 2:1, Group ratio 4:1, Squad 8:1.

4). Please notify us if any contact details have changed.