What to do if you cannot make a

lesson time

Timetables are organised carefully, so that all students are accommodated. If you cannot make a lesson, or have a specific request for the next week:

  • Speak to your teacher a week in advance to let them know. They might be able to change your time
  • If short notice, speak to Mrs Pearson in the music office. There might be nothing she can do.

For House Sports and other all day in school events, come to your lesson as normal.

On the day requests cannot be accommodated, as it is too short notice.

Mr Stevenson - Drums
Mr Hedley - Drums - Tuesday
Mr Caldecote - Wednesdays
Ms Fitch - Singing
Mr Niesyto - Guitar
Mr Nunn - Brass
Mrs. Millinger - Flute - Tuesdays
Mr Lovell - Piano
Mr Oates - Tuesday
Mr Lee
Mr Smith - Saxophone
Mrs Eldred - Violin