Team Music

Team Music is who we are - students, parents, school. We work together to support all musicians and music making at Simon Balle. Everyone is part of this and has a role as part of the team.

‘Your work and dedication are above and beyond expectations. All musicians not only learn and have fun, but they feel part of a unique community, which is rare to find!’

Our Music Ambassadors are an important part of our team and support younger musicians.

Our School team

Mark Taylor - Director of Music

Nancy Iles - Music Teacher

Clare Taylor - Lead Instrumental Teacher

Sue Pearson - Music Administration

Keith Willis - Musician in Residence

Holly Dear - Music Assistant

Tom Caldecote - Clarinet

Jane Eldred - Violin

Caroline Fitch - Singing

Pete Hedley - Drums

Debbie Kemp - Singing

Liz Kirkwood - Cello

Keeling Lee - Electric Guitar

Jeremy Lovell - Piano / Keyboard

Cynthia Millinger - Flute

Joe Niesyto - Acoustic Guitar

Al Nunn - Brass

Steven Oates - Bass Guitar

Dan Smith - Woodwind

Phil Stevenson - Drums / Percussion

Everyone who works with and supports our work is part of our team.