Wacky Woodwinds

The Summer Term timetable


Practice is the work that is completed in between lessons. It is the preparation for the next lesson. Pupils need to practice to keep up with others, reinforce learning and also make progress.

We expect 4 lots of 10 minutes practice each week between Wednesdays. It builds confidence and connections at home, shows you are taking an interest and has a very positive impact. I need your help in that please, so that we have consistent progress!

Every lesson the workbook details what to do. Please complete the practice chart each week, have a concert at home, even if just a couple of notes!

Also, this is not a trial programme, like the Strings Training Programme was. It is a continuous set of lessons that the pupils must work at. Mrs Taylor is emailing where there are concerns, so please respond as needed. You will be billed in December for lessons next term and so we roll on! Later this year all musicians will be in an ensemble.

Most importantly, you must instil the learning habits for the musicians, so that they take it seriously and achieve their best!

Practice - that is what will make the musicians amazing!

Mark Taylor

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