In the Larch

We have various music learning programmes in the Larch Centre and this guidance applies to all.

Information for learning an instrument

As parents, you are vital to the success of learning an instrument. Communication is also so important.

Teachers organise the times of lessons and liaise with class teachers.

  • Every pupil requires a music stand at home.
  • A regular time and quiet space should be organised at home, so that pupils get quickly into the routine of practice and respect how important it is. This should happen for 15 minutes four times a week. You should supervise until you are happy that they can work on their own. When listening, give plenty of praise and reassurance.
  • Pupils should quickly get used to bring instruments to and from home. You will be crucial in reminding them of this. Instruments should always be labelled and stored in the music room upstairs in the Larch Centre.
  • Later in the year, pupils will take part in concerts. This is a very important part of learning and we expect all to take part, and you to come and support. Plenty of notice will be given of performances.
  • Should you have any questions, please get in contact.
  • Progress only happens when:
    • We work together
    • Pupils practice
    • We regularly communicate

Learning an instrument is fun, with a few lows and many many highs. Let's show what can be achieved!

Mark Taylor, Director of Music