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Exercise has been shown to prevent or relieve numerous physical, mental, and emotional conditions. It is a potent stress reliever, boosts mood, and promotes mental health. It can be done anywhere and doesn’t have to cost much beyond the price of some comfortable footwear.

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Exercising with limited space and at everyday items at home or easily accessible.


Regular nourishment, in the form of meals and snacks, keep our brains and bodies fueled and ward of that feeling of being “hangry”. You’ll find you are more alert, focused, energized, and in a better mood when you eat a well-rounded array of foods throughout the day.

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Letting go of ills and misfortunes

Snow and Ice Festival

Encourages the rejuvenation of the land and the return of the sun

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Enjoy the beautiful sounds and scenery


Play is any activity we do purely for fun, without any practical purpose.

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To rest is to pause, to relax, to recharge. Rest is necessary for our bodies and minds to recover from daily mental and physical activity and stress; to reduce cortisol and adrenaline levels, improving overall well-being; and to be more productive and happy when we return from rest.


The photo shown shows the 2019-2020 GNAC achievement by Simmons Swimming and Dive team. A team made with a bit of beautiful, a bit of talent, and a-lot of determination portrays the power a women focused university can give you.

This photo was taken in summer of 2019. Pictured is The Office of Undergraduate Advising team. The team was recording a spirited welcoming video for incoming Simmons class of 2023 and took this picture at the same time.

I thought this photo was appropriate for the theme because it was a project I did with Sustainability Club at Simmons. We were educating people about sustainable everyday habits they can adopt. We drew a shark cutout and I thought it was very Simmons themed!

The photo is of me dressed as Stormy the Shark for 2019 Founder's Day and Simmons' first official Giving Day. I always thought it would be fun to be a college mascot and being able to do it at my own alma mater (I'm UG Class of 2005) while on the staff made me so proud of the multiple ways I can call myself a shark!

When I started in my role with Simmons, I bought two Baby Sharks for my kids so they would know Mommy has school spirit. We ended up with a Shark Head, so now I dress as Mommy Shark for special occasions.

This photo is from when I got my acceptance to the Class of ‘23! I was so overjoyed and my mom had already bought me some Simmons swag in my favorite color to celebrate.

My Simmons sweatshirts always remind me of home :) Here’s a picture of my recent traverse up Mt. Washington wearing my field hockey shirt!

This is a picture of my dog, Coco, who is new to our family. She loves playing with toys and has a fantastic playful spirit. In this picture she is playing with her shark mouth toy which of course reminds me of being a Simmons Shark!