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Multi-breed Evaluation Powered by BOLT

What to Expect with Multi-breed Powered by BOLT

Are the New BOLT-Derived EPDs More Accurate Than Previous Cornell EPDs?

The Value of DNA Information in the IGS Multi-breed Single-step Powered by BOLT

Powerpoint presentation by Wade Shafer discussing the upcoming release.

Feeder Profit Calculator

Video: Presented by Chip Kemp at the Fall Focus 2017.

Article: Pathway to Profit, Chip Kemp

Article: The 60's Jumbo Jets, Dad's Toolbox and Humility

PowerPoint: FPC Demo (You will need PowerPoint to view this). Click here for PDF version.

PowerPoint: Sample FPC Certificate with Genetics Page. (You will need PowerPoint to view this). Click here for PDF version.

Total Herd Enrollment

VIDEO: Leoma Wells: THE, As Easy as 123

Handout: THE Enrollment and Instructions

THE: Information on the ASA website


Video: THE Online Enrollment Options

International Genetics Solutions

Video: Cattlemen's Seminar Showcases Progress in Multi-breed Genetic Evaluation

Video: BIF 2016 Cattlemen's Seminar Bruce Golden, PhD

Video: Dr .Bruce Golden of Theta Solutions, LLC discusses how the new BOLT system empowers commercial beef producers with the next generation of Genomically Enhanced Genetic Evaluation

Cow Herd DNA Roundup

Promo Video: In this time of rapid technological advancement, animal breeding is entering a new era. As demonstrated in the pig and dairy industries, gathering and incorporating vast amounts of genomic data into the genetic evaluation accelerates progress.

Video: Turning in the Sample



Video: Wade Shafer

Video: Selection Decisions Using Economically Relevant Traits The Pathway to Indexes - Dr Bruce Golden

Video: What I Learned from Pigs - Marty Ropp


Video: Introduction to EPDs Download Powerpoint with voice - Luke Bowman

Video: From Phenotypes to EPDs The Genetic Model - Wade Shafer, Ph.D.

Video: Understanding the Genetic Model EPDs in Cowboy Language - Wade Shafer, Ph.D.

Video: Improving Profit Via Genetics - Wade Shafer, Ph.D.

Video: Cattlemen's Webinar: Fake News- EPDs Don’t Work - Matt Spangler, Ph.D. and Alison Van Eenennaam, Ph.D.

Video: Cattlemen's Webinar: Understanding Advancements in Beef Cattle Selection Tools - Craig Uden

Video: Cattlemen's Webinar: Utilization of Heterosis in the Beef Value Chain - Bob Weaber, Ph.D.

Video: Understanding Conventional and Genomic EPDs - Dr Dorrian Garrick

Brown Bagger Series

Video: NBCEC hosts "Brown Baggers" covering a variety of beef genetics topics for Extension and collegiate educators, breed associations and industry representatives. View the collection of slide sets here, and feel free to use them at your next producer meeting.

Video: 2016: Evolution of beef cattle genomic and national cattle evaluation tools

Video: 2015: Advancing genetic selection in beef cattle: Improving current tools and developing new ones.

Video: 2014: Genomic Selection in Beef Cattle: Developments and Applications

2018 Sessions

04/27/2018 ASA Representative Monthly Meeting


02/23/2017 The IGS Multi-Breed Single Step Evaluation Powered by BOLT Release discussion and presentation.

August 13, 2014 Indexes - Wade Shafer

August 12, 2014 - EPDs - Bert Moore, PhD.

Video: July 29 - Bill Zimmerman

Video: EPDs in Cowboy Language - Wade Shafer