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The purpose of this website is to provide supplemental information to reinforce classroom activites. Assignments and classroom information will be posted to the appropriate Google classroom site.

It is the duty of the student to know and write down necessary notes, assignments/instruction, etc., as presented in class, and to contact me with questions, prior to the due date, or upon return from absences.

This site is supplemental to what happens in the classroom and does not replace student responsibility.

There are separate tabs for each subject that I teach, CP Chemistry, Earth Science 9, and Honors Engineering. There are separate tabs for each period class which link to the Google calendar for each class.

Assignment for Honors Engineering For the 2018-2019 School Year

Welcome to Honors Engineering for this school year. I have not finished the assignment yet but please don't stress out. The work is not going to be significant or hard. I am preparing safety training for all the cool new tools/toys we are going to be working with this year and I want you all to get a jump on the training prior to the start of school. I need to get the training approved by the district so it has taken a little longer than expected. Please check back on this site in about a week and hopefully I will have the assignment up. Enjoy the last month of your summer break.


Mr N