Mrs. Wozniak:

6th Grade English/Social Studies

and Play Production

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  • This slide presentation is made available to you and your parents/guardians to help you stay organized. It is what students see when they walk into the classroom.
  • The current day is at the top of the Deck, with all previous days underneath.
  • Please see the weekly planner below as well.
  • This agenda is also posted to Google Classroom.
daily 18-19
Woz Weekly Planner 18/19
This site is informational only; it does not provide an "online class" experience.  Class attendance and participation is mandatory and vital for student success.

Information on specific assessments will be posted on Google Classroom (aka Classroom or the Classroom). Please check Classroom and your own student notes prior to contacting Mrs. Wozniak.  "It wasn't on the site" is never an excuse. The student is always responsible for keeping track of class information, due dates, etc.