Dual Enrollment-Moorpark College


Dual Enrollment is an outstanding opportunity for current high school students to take college courses and achieve dual credit. RHS has a working partnership with Moorpark College providing more and more opportunities for our students to take these courses on either Royal High's campus after regular hours or at the college campus.

If you are interested in ANY Dual Enrollment class this Spring, please complete this online Google Form. Filling out this form does not make a commitment to enroll, but let us know that you are interested in the D.E. college classes and we can keep you informed of the opportunities that will be available each semester.

Dual Enrollment Program Multi-Step Registration Guide

Here are some important dates to keep in mind:

November 17th: Registration opens for Dual Enrollment students for Spring 23' semester

January 6th: Fall Dual Enrollment classes begin

May 18th: Fall Dual Enrollment classes end

SPRING 2023 Offering on RHS Campus: the class we are offering only to RHS students:

Intro to Cinema- FTMA M101 (Asynchronous/On Line)

Course Description:

FTMA M101 Intro to Cinema

Introduces the art form of cinema. Includes topics such as a brief history of the movies, modes of production, form, style, genre, aesthetics, media industries, critical analysis, and socio-cultural and historical importance. Builds an appreciation for the art form and cultivates critical thinking about film. Combines lectures and discussions accompanied by screenings of appropriate films.

Grade Modes: Letter Graded, Student Option- Letter/Credit, Pass/No Pass Grading

Degree Applicability: Applies to Associate Degree AA/AS GE: C1

Transfer Credit: CSU, UC UC Credit Limitations: None

CSU GE-Breadth: C1 IGETC: 3A

Who to contact at Royal High School? Your counselor!

Who to contact at Moopark College? mcadmissions@vcccd.edu 805-553-4608

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