Alternate Contact Information

The concept of the SIL Password Recovery Tool is that a user will have already set up at least one point of contact where password reset codes or links can be delivered. These points of contacts may be any other email address the account owner can access or a text-enabled phone.

Practical suggestions:

  • If you have two G Suite accounts, consider setting up each account as an alternate contact for the other account.
  • If your spouse, sibling, parent, child or close friend has a G Suite account, arrange to use their address as an alternate contact
  • You may use a personal "outside" email account (examples: Yahoo!, Gmail,, etc) as an alternate contact.

Pre-requisite!! You can only set up alternate contact information while you still know the password for your G Suite account, since you will be required to log into that portion of the G Suite Mail Admin system established by SIL. If you do not know your account password, contact a mail administrator where for your part of the organization or the SIL Google Admin team.

Steps to set up alternate contact information:

  1. Go to the SIL Password Recovery (
  2. Click Login (top right corner) and enter your G Suite account credentials
  3. If a page displays saying that "SIL Mail Admin would like to:" with a list of some actions, select Allow.
  4. Select Manage Account Settings.

Your Mail Admin Account Profile page will display. If this is your first time, you will find no email or mobile phone contacts listed.

5. Select Edit Information to enter or edit alternate contact information.

6. To add a contact, complete the appropriate field (Email or Mobile)

7. To remove a contact, select the appropriate Delete This checkbox

8. When finished with any changes, select Save Changes

9. Verify new alternate contacts.

Verifying new alternate contact information:

An email will be sent to any new email addresses you've entered. It will contain a link that must be used to verify that you have access to that email address. (If the account belongs to a family member or friend, ask them to use the link.)

A text message with a code will be sent to any new mobile number you've entered. Follow the instructions sent to the phone to complete the verification process.

If your internet connection is sufficient, we recommend you view our training video. It demonstrates the above information as well as how to actually reset your account password. Alternatively contact SIL Google Admin with any questions.