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Many keyboard shortcuts in Gmail only require the touch of one button, so you don’t need to memorize too many key combinations. This post will show you how to get started with keyboard shortcuts by enabling them in your account while also going through some powerful productivity tips.

Have you ever accidentally sent an email before you were finished writing it? Or have you noticed a spelling or grammar mistake immediately after clicking send? The Gmail "Undo Send" lab allows you to retract messages where you may have made a spelling mistake, grammar error, or communicated something poorly.

Gmail's functionality goes far beyond sending and receiving emails. There are plenty of shortcuts and tricks that can help you spend less time in your inbox and more time on your work. Unlocking Gmail's full potential will allow you to better prioritize and manage your work life.

Sending an email shouldn’t feel like throwing a message into a black hole. Even before you get a reply, it is helpful to know if your email was even read by the recipient. With email read receipts, the curtain is pulled back and you no longer have to wonder if your message found its way to the right set of eyes.

Block Annoying Senders in Gmail

The “Block Sender” function is baked right into the Gmail interface and will stop any emails from that specific sender from ever reaching your inbox. Senders who are blocked are never notified so there is no need to worry about hurt feelings. See how easy it is to use this new tool and try it out yourself to bring an end to the annoyance.

Have you ever referenced a past email while writing a Gmail message? We’ve noticed that a lot of people would like to include that email as an attachment, rather than just copy and paste the content. Because your Gmail messages are not stored as individual files, there isn’t really a way to do this natively in Google Apps. Fortunately, we found a really easy way to do this.

Enable and use Quick Links Lab for Gmail to create shortcut links to important parts of Gmail, including settings or a frequent search of your messages. Watch this 3:15 video on YouTube.

In July 2015, Google launched the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft® Office. This plug-in made it super easy for people using Office for Windows to open their Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents stored in Drive and then save any changes back to Drive once they were done. In April 2016, Google extended the capabilities of this plug-in to include Outlook support.

From within Outlook for Windows, you can now

    • Insert files using Drive
    • Update sharing permissions
    • Save incoming attachments to Drive

Search Emails by Date and Time (plus lots of other ways) using search operators

Gmail supports a plethora of search operators to help you instantly find that elusive email message buried in your mailbox. Click on the graphic illustration to zoom in on all the known search operators that work both on Gmail and Google Inbox.

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