With Google Calendar, you can schedule meetings and events with your coworkers, even online using Hangouts.

Overview (video)

Where can I find Google's own information about Google Calendar?

Visit the Google Apps Learning Center, the Calendar support page or the Google Calendar Help Forum.

What is a resource calendar?

Each G Suite account has at least one calendar within the account, though each user can create additional calendars (perhaps to help categorize or keep separate different types of events, or to handle a variety of calendar scheduling needs). In all cases, these calendars are owned and managed by the account. These personal calendars can be shared with others.

A resource calendar is a calendar that represents a physical resource (such as a conference room or a piece of equipment) that can be booked or scheduled using the "Rooms etc." area in the calendar invite.

  • They are not owned by an individual account so cannot be removed except by the SIL Google Admin team
  • Can be configured with multiple permission levels (see free/busy, see details, add/make changes)
  • Show up in "Rooms etc" area of a calendar invite
  • Permissions can only be managed by the resource calendar owner or SIL Google Admin.

Uses for a resource calendar:

  • As a shared team calendar for things like vacation schedules
  • Schedule of events that can be viewed by a large audience
  • Track key events for a project or group
  • Maintain a schedule for the resource (room, projector, etc) to avoid scheduling conflicts

For more information about resource calendars, see Google's documentation.

How can I find and subscribe to a resource calendar?

  1. Open your calendar using a browser
  2. Select Browse interesting Calendars using the down-arrow to the right of "Other calendars". The three categories are Holidays, Sports, and More.
  3. For SIL calendars, click More and then select "Resources for"
  4. Continue browsing SIL resources until you find a resource. Click the "Subscribe" link. If the resource permissions allow, you will find the calendar listed and shown on your Calendar. If not, you will get a "You do not have access to <calendar name>'s calendar." message.

Tip: To unsubscribe from a resource calendar, use the pull down list to the right of "My calendar", choose, Settings, find the calendar you want to remove, and click the "Unsubscribe" link.

How can I request a resource calendar?

You can submit a request via our Resource Calendar Request Form to the SIL Google Admin team. Otherwise, you will have to contact either the Wycliffe USA or Global Alliance email administrators.