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Sponsored by Dodge Law Enforcement, Ford Pro, General Motors Fleet

Circuit of the Americas (CoTA)

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with CoTA, the premiere destination for world-class motorsports and entertainment, for our driving experience (DriveX). Set on 1,500 acres in the rolling hills just outside of downtown Austin (less than 18 miles from the front door of our host hotel, the Fairmont), Circuit of The Americas has hosted the biggest names in racing and action sports since 2012, it is the site of many prestigious motor racing events including the Formula 1 US Grand Prix.


A signed COTA waiver is required for entry, must show proof of completion.

ALL must complete the electronic waiver AND show proof of such onsite before entering. Link:

Closed-toe shoes required for ALL who enter CoTA.

Welcome Area

Once you arrive at the track (from the shuttle bus), there will be a Welcome Area. Here, you will be handed a schedule of events and a map of the area, showing where each event will take place. A designated lunch building will be marked on the map. Food will be served from 11:45am - 2pm. Drinks will be available throughout the event. Lunch is Sponsored by Bridgestone.

Bottled water located throughout the Main Paddock, Sponsored by Magnetic Mic (Please stay hydrated!)

Company Displays

There will be several companies displaying their latest product offerings so please take a few minutes to visit the displays. Remember, some companies do not always display their products installed on a vehicle in the expo hall. This is your opportunity to view them “in the field” and get some one-on-one time with key company representatives.

Road Course

Drivers will experience a very memorable ride on a significant portion of the 3.4 mile CoTA track. DriveX is your once-a-year opportunity to compare special vehicle features with your vehicle needs. Same track...same conditions...same model year vehicles. This is not about how fast a vehicle can go but about how it performs under standard usage and the special abilities each vehicle offers. We’ll set the track for an EVOC style course with full stops, chicanes, hard turns and more. Each driver will be accompanied by a factory representative in order to demonstrate the special features of each vehicle. You will be required to show a valid driver’s license and sign a waiver, in order to participate. We run the vehicles on the course, rain or shine!

Bridgestone Experience

Bridgestone Tires continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible to improve performance, safety and quality. Join their team for the Bridgestone Experience…a unique, interactive demonstration featuring racing-inspired technology and confidence handling, in wet and dry conditions. The tips and techniques provided, regardless of skill level, makes all participants improved drivers.

NOTE: This is the latest update as of August 9th, 2022…check back for future updates.

COTA Grounds

The Circuit