Name: Preeti Hemnani

Total Experience: 17 years

Educational Qualification: B.E (Electronics), M.E( Digital Systems), PhD,BARC(HBNI)

Research Area: Digital Design, Signal Processing

Preeti Hemnani received B. E. degree in Electronics in 1999 from Pt. Ravi shankar University, Raipur( Chattisgarh), M. E. degree in Electronics (Digital Systems) in 2001 from College of Engineering, Pune and Ph.D. from Homi bhabha National Institute(BARC),Mumbai in 2018. She is a Associate Professor with the Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, S.I.E.S Graduate School of Technology. Her areas of interest include Signal Processing,Speech Processing, NQR/NMR spectrometer. She is also associated with IETE, and ISTE.

Additional Activities

R & D Coordinator from year 2016 onwards.

DAB Member from 2017 onwards.

Conducted workshop on "FPGA Design using VHDL"for students in year 2017-18.

Project Coordinator in year 2015-16

FDP/SDP coordiantor in year 2014-15.

Overall Time table coordinator from 2007-2009

Organised National Conference on "Recent trends in Wired and Wireless Communications", in S.I.E.S Graduate School of Technology, in March 2008.