Impressions is the Annual Technical Fest organized by the Students of Printing & Packaging Technology Department.

From its inception in 2010, Impressions is an event for students to give them opportunity to showcase their technical & non-technical skills.

Every year, Impressions has a unique theme and has got ever-growing support from the students of printing colleges all over the country as well as from the Printing & Packaging Industry. Hence this is also a platform for the industry to interact with students.


PACKATHON is a Technical Marathon Offline Event organized by undergraduate students from the Department of Printing & Packaging Technology. It is an Event conducted under the Department’s Flagship Event: IMPRESSIONS’ 22.

The Event fundamentally revolves around the concept of ‘Efficient Package Development in Real Time’, thus the tagline:


It provides students with an excellent opportunity to showcase their Technical, Non-Technical specialties & creative skills.

The Event will challenge the student's capacity to analyze the Product and come up with an efficient Packaging solution that addresses the required supply chain or reverse logistical issue.

We Invite you all to be the part of Impressions - PACKATHON 2022:

"An OFFLINE Packaging Development Event"

31st March - 1st April 2022