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December 20, 2017 - @LaneSiekman


Lane Siekman reacts to new Tax Bill passage

Rising Sun, Indiana - Lane Siekman, Congressional candidate for Indiana 6th District responded today to the Senate’s early morning passage of a sweeping rewrite of the nation's tax code. The House originally passed the measure on Tuesday but the bill was so poorly drafted that it has to go through a second vote in the House later Wednesday. T.

The bill written by over 6,000 Washington D.C. lobbyists provides deep, permanent cuts to the corporate tax rate, which drops from 35 percent to 21 percent, but delivers more modest, temporary cuts to individual tax rates. The proposal also does away with or limits many tax breaks, including the State and Local Tax deduction.

Indiana 6th District Congressional candidate Lane Siekman called the bill “a dangerous tax plan written by multinational Corporations for multinational Corporations. This legislation will disproportionately benefit the wealthiest Americans, while in the long run ballooning the deficit and failing to spur the kind of growth that supporters claim it will.”

“Fiscal policy should never be written on the fly as a last minute Christmas present to your supporters. It is this type of reckless legislation and special favors that has soured the American people on their faith in Congress.”

Siekman went on to say “In 2018 we start over again. We build a tax policy around supporting the middle class and working Americans. Join me to make a difference.”

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November 30, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

Only five FCC members get to vote on #NetNeutrality. 2 of the 5 already plan to keep it. Here’s the three that need to hear from the public:

Ajit Pai: 202-518-7399

Michael O'Reilly: 301-657-9092

Brendan Carr: 202-719-7305

Flood their lines, let’s make this happen. #LaneListens

November 21, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

Happy Thanksgiving from Lane and Robin Siekman.

November 11, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

Thank you Ohio County Veterans for allowing me to speak today. Happy Veterans Day. #veteransday #2017 — in Rising Sun, Indiana.

November 8, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

In the end, it is always about the rich protecting their wealth. They buy politicians, write the tax laws, control financial institutions, and have loopholes that benefit them. Expansion of the middle class should not be just a progressive idea but a common sense macroeconomic principle that we follow everyday. Reform the tax code and give tax relief to working Americans but make the 1% play by the same rules as everyone else.




November 3, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

The adoption tax credit is the one of the most "pro-life" parts of the tax code. The credit offsets the tax burden of adoptive parents by up to $13,460 per child, with credit in excess of the parents’ tax liability able to be carried forward for up to five years. The credit covers adoption fees, court costs and attorney fees, travel expenses, and other expenses related to adoption both domestic and international.

The current plan proposed by congressional Republicans would eliminate that tax credit, making adoption difficult for all but the wealthy. According to adoption agency American Adoptions, the total cost of an agency-coordinated adoption in the United States can reach nearly $40,000. For foster parents, who often report having lower than average median incomes, the elimination of the tax credit may discourage the adoption of foster children. I believe that if it is eliminated then it should be replaced with a direct subsidy or grant to qualified adopting parents to encourage adoption. #LaneListens #Allofus

October 25, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

District 6 Congressional candidate Lane Siekman will be stopping by the West Street Art Center in Madison this Friday, to meet & greet music fans of Jefferson County and the surrounding area. Local musician/artist Emi Night has graciously invited Lane to participate in an evening of music & conversation as a special guest for Strawberry Runners' "homecoming" show. #LaneListens#LANELISTENS

October 20, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

Like rural electrification in the 1930'3, our future economic development rests upon the availability of up to date technology. If we want to lead the world, then we better step up and make investment where it is needed. A new Ball State study shows that the lack of access to high-quality broadband technology in rural Indiana is having an adverse effect on human development. Three out of the five least connected counties identified in the study are located in the 6th District. We can do better. #LANELISTENS

October 18, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

Mike Pence's brother believes that he's entitled to just pick up where Luke Messer left off in IN-06. Help me make a new start in 2018. #LANELISTENS

October 2, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

The tragedy in Las Vegas again shows the cruelty and absurdity of man when a "lone wolf" with an automatic weapon can cause so much pain and death. #PrayforVegas

We all know someone who we wouldn't trust with a gun or any dangerous item. Perhaps mental health and background checks could have stopped this man but, one thing is sure, we all need to be alert and responsive to those around us and to report suspicious activity when we see it. Terrorism is about forcing others to live in fear and this is clearly an act of terrorism. It is an attack on the peace of everyday life. We all ultimately bear the toll of these types of events. The victims of this madness are not just limited to the dead and injured but touch each of us in a way. Let us look for real answers this time... and real solutions that work

September 27, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

Why does this not surprise me? Republican tax plan drastically slashes taxes for the corporations and the rich, while increasing lowest individual tax rate and repealing the estate tax for multimillionaires. #Change2018 #LaneListens

September 26, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos want to ruin our public schools and send our taxpayer dollars to private schools that don't serve our working families. We must protect our kids' education with all we've got. Share this post on Facebook if you agree!

Their budget shows exactly where Republican priorities lie, and they're not with working families or our nation's students. Trump wants to cut $1.2 billion from after-school programs that keep our kids safe, and another $2.1 billion from teacher training and class-size reduction that increase student achievement.

Families are already struggling with enough demands—housing, food, insurance costs, and more. We must ensure our kids are safe, learning, and reaching their best potential through the promise of K-12 public schools.

I'm fighting back to protect our country's commitment to public education—and I need you standing with me. Share my post on Facebook and fight back against Trump's devastating cuts to our schools!


September 22, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

Lane's Weekly update on Facebook live. Sen. John McCain has announced his opposition to Graham-Cassidy, the last-minute effort to repeal and replace the ACA. He gave the same reasoning he did last time. I believe that if we want to improve people's lives and build a better future, we must have a true bipartisan discussion on healthcare in this nation. The election in 2018 is an opportunity to start anew. The assault on Obamacare is not over by any means but we must turn this into a way to make progress on this vital issue. The Social Security Act was enacted in 1934 and not a day goes by without some conservative organization thinking about how to go after the old age and disability insurance program. So too will be the case with the Affordable Care Act, unless it's ultimately replaced by some version of single-payer. Thanks Lane

September 21, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

Who's ready for a Town Hall in the 6th District? It has been 9 months. #WHEREISLUKEMESSER?

September 20, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

Republicans are taking another run at the Affordable Care Act, this time with a new bill by a pair of senators, Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (La.). It’s a disaster of a piece of policy -- guts Medicaid and lets insurers jack up premiums if you get sick -- and largely amounts to a wealth transfer from states that expanded Medicaid, such as Indiana, in order to help states that didn’t.

Even though this is the most poorly understood of any repeal bill that Congress has considered to date, there will be no opportunity for revision if it passes the Senate. In order to pass the bill with a simple majority vote, the Senate must act by September 30, before reconciliation instructions expire. If the House amends a Senate-passed bill, the bill would have to go back to the Senate, which would have to approve that amended bill by September 30 to retain its reconciliation protections -- or else face a 60-vote threshold for passage.

This means the House would face the prospect of a straight up-or-down vote on a repeal bill that has not been considered in hearings or analyzed for its impact on the health of millions of people.

It is time to stop this nonsense. Call your Senators now and ask them to vote NO on this bill.. We need a government that listens to its people. #LaneListens #Change2018

September 19, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

Still believe that we should get rid of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

September 18, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

The 6th is Indiana's most rural congressional district. Lane will fight to grow our rural economy #LANELISTENS

September 13, 2017 - Thank you Wayne County Democrats for a wonderful evening. High spirits for a rainy evening. 2018 is ours. Let's make it happen. #change2018 #LANELISTENS

Lane Siekman‏ @LaneSiekman Sep 13

Medicare for All Act of 2017 could finally achieve the dream that many have worked for more than a century #MedicareForAll

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November 16, 2017 - @LaneSiekman

Luke Messer just voted again to end affordable healthcare - Will you contribute to our campaign to help Lane fight for Hoosier families?