Class Charts

We use a programme called ClassCharts to let parents and students know about what is going on in school. Available as a website or an app on your phone or hand-held device, it is now easier than ever for you to keep track of your child at school and to help us to ensure they achieve their very best.

Please click here to access ClassCharts.

Parent & pupil features;

  • It allows us to share positive achievements
  • We can share behaviour reports and push real time notifications to your phone
  • It helps pupils see their own progress and reflect on their achievement & behaviour.
  • It motivates & engages pupils to achieve positive points
  • We can push notifications of detentions awarded to your phone
  • We can share details of what homework has been set and when it is due to be handed in

As teachers we also use it to arrange our classes into seating plans to maximise their chances of success.

You will receive your personalised login information at the start of term in September. Parents and pupils have separate credentials and if you have more than one child they can be combined onto one account.

If you have any problems or have mislaid your log in details please contact Mrs Helen Nicholls Deputy or your child’s Head of House

We hope you will find this programme useful in supporting your child at school.

Together we achieve”