Rev'd Dr Stephen Thompson

The Revd. Dr Stephen Peter Thompson M.Phil. Ph.D. Dip Min. FRAS.

Stephen first experienced the power and beauty of the Sanskrita language through studying Advaita Philosophy at the School of Economic Science in London over thirty years ago. This enabled him to study Greek and Hebrew with fresh insights.

Discerning profound interconnections between all three languages confirmed his view that Sanskrit, the ‘perfectly formed’ language, has a key place in the family of human languages.

It became clear to him that this language, having the most refined system of phonetics and the most scientific descriptive grammar in the world, had the potential to facilitate a new renaissance, especially as its study gives direct access to the Vedic wisdom of the Upanishads.

After obtaining degrees in Sociology and Theology, Stephen completed a four year degree in Sanskrit at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, followed by an MPhil and PhD at the Centre for Advanced Sanskrit Studies at the University of Poona.

He has translated a major portion of the Mahabhashya of Patanjali into English for the first time, under the guidance of the famous Pandit Bhagavat Shastri. He has taught Sanskrit both in Europe and India, especially at the Vidya Bhavan and the School of Economic Science in London.

In recent years he has also been teaching Sanskrit at Middlesex University to students of the BA in Ayurveda.

It is through learning and teaching Sanskrit over many years that he has experienced its profound depth and beauty, bringing one to the rasa, the sweet taste and goodness in and through all things.