Kiwi App Setup


IOS Setup

2021 April 15th - Kiwi App v5.5.0

(build 5.3.20)

Setup KiwiApp on your phone

Click on "Install"

Setup KiwkiApp on your phone

Accept to Install

Trust Shuttle Co. Ltd

If you click on KiwiApp, your phone will tell you that he don't trust "Shuttle Co Ltd". you must to trust it.

Process to Trust "iPhone Distribution Shuttle Co Ltd"

Go to your Settings

Go to your "Settings" and go to "General".

On some phones, if you click on "Settings", you will go directly to "Profiles & Device management" menu

Go to "Profiles & Device management"

In General settings, you must go to "Profiles & Device management". In "Enterprise App", you will click on "Shuttle Co Ltd"

Go to trust "Shuttle Co Ltd"

Click on Trust "Shuttle Co Ltd"

If the screenshots can be little bit different on your phone, you can use also the instructions from this page to trust "Shuttle Co Ltd"

Trust "Shuttle Co Ltd"

You must to trust "iPhone Distribution Shuttle Co Ltd" if you want to use KiwiApp on IOS.

After trusted "Shuttle Co Ltd" , you can open KiwiApp and login

Thanks to followed this instructions