6th Grade @

Shutesbury Elementary School

Welcome to 6th grade at Shutesbury Elementary School!


Happy April!

Parents & Students please note that students will have a daily "form" to complete so I can have an idea of what they are working on! There will be a weekly form also with all work as a checklist so I can make sure I'm receiving all their work!

Finally, we will have a meet on Thursday at 1:30. Students will receive an invite via email.

Have a happy day!

3/26/20 2:28pm

Good afternoon everyone! I'm disappointed to say that our Google Meet/Hangout didn't work for everyone. I am trouble shooting with Ms. Lee on it and hopefully next week all the "bugs" will be worked out.

Until then, please make sure to check your school email-I sent a copy of the meet meeting and you can take a look at it.

We watched the video, "Brave" by Sara Bareilles and talked about being brave in relation to "Choose Love". I asked you all to please write a letter to yourself 20 years from now sharing about how you have had to brave over the past two weeks. Share your experience and please email it to me. I will print all of them and put them in a time capsule. I think it would be pretty awesome to bury it somewhere at school and I'm happy to do it!

Stay in touch and I hope to see you soon! :)


Good morning everyone! I am looking forward to seeing everyone at 1:30 today in hangouts. If you have any questions, please ask! See you soon!

The weather looks beautiful day so, email what you do outside and include a picture so I can post it!


Good Morning Moose!

Check out the new Moose TV by Ms Mendonsa!

I hope you all enjoyed playing in the snow yesterday, today try to go for a walk!

I had a thought about making inequalities real. Try this for an experiment. You will need.

-a scale (food scale for smaller objects of scale to check your weight)

-3 different objects


1-Weigh two of the objects and assign them a number, example my plate weighs 7.5 oz and my cup weighs 3.5 oz.

2-Make a prediction about the third object, does it weigh more or less than the other two.

3-make a math sentence using the objects. Example: my cup plus unknown weighted object (a bowl) is greater than the weight of the plate. c+b>p



I hope my students and their families are all doing well at home. Please check in daily to Google Classroom to share what you have been up to! I might even ask you to write a blog post for our student blog page! I can't wait to hear from you!


Amy McDonald

Welcome to 6th Grade! My name is Amy McDonald, I've been teaching for 12 years and I am looking forward to finding what this year has in store for me.

I enjoy being outdoors, mostly enjoying nature and getting fresh air. I love to bike, hike, swim, and relax in the sun to read. All of these activities are more enjoyable when I'm with my family! I enjoy fantasy novels mostly and enjoy planning and developing new units to bring to my students at school. Math is my favorite subject and I love watching my students grow and develop during the school year

Communication is a vital component for the success of students. My email address is, mcdonalda@shutesburyschool.org and this is the best form of communication. I look forward to hearing from you.

Be Well,