Maker Mondays

Let the creating begin!

In an effort to get more students tinkering, designing, and creating, the Design Lab classroom will be open for use every Monday from 2:30 - 4 PM.

Mr. Mularella will be available to supervise students and guide them in their work. OMS staff are also welcome to attend so they can learn more about the tools and get support with class projects.

"Maker Mondays" IS NOT a School Club.

You do not need to pay the activity fee to participate. You do not need to sign up ahead of time, though you are encouraged to speak with Mr. M about any ideas you may have! You can attend every Monday all year, pop in once a month, or just stop by once or twice all year. It's entirely up to you.

The classroom will also be available for use most Wednesdays beginning in October. Mr. Mularella will be facilitating Science Fair Club Meetings so you won't be able to use any tools during that time.

"Maker Mondays" IS a chance for you to explore your own interests.

The Design Lab class is only 30 days long, so it's impossible to expose students to everything that's available to them. Here are just some possible ideas:

  • Learn how to operate and troubleshoot the 3D printers, laser cutter, and other classroom tools.
  • Learn how to use 3D modeling software to design and create your own object with the 3D printer.
  • Learn how to use vector graphic software to design and create your own product on the laser cutter or vinyl cutter.
  • Explore LittleBits to create your own electronic inventions.
  • Explore programming or visually coding to create a website, an app, or control a Sphero robot.
  • Learn how to program and fly a micro drone. You can even create 3D printed attachments for it.
  • Learn how to use some of the woodworking tools to plan and build a wood project.
  • Get support or collaborate with your friends for another classroom project that requires use of the tools.